Lead generation is hard.

As a marketer, you’re constantly being challenged to improve conversion rates, bring in more leads, but also bring in better quality leads (i.e. more “sales-ready” leads.)

And, with B2B conversion rates averaging a mere 2-3%, over 95% of your marketing budget is going to waste.

Therefore, getting the most bang for your buck becomes not just a “nice to have” – but a must. Because, if you don’t get it right you can quickly burn through your budget with nothing to show for it in the end.

But where do you start?

You know that you have to bring in more leads and increase conversions. But where should you even begin?

Do you start by experimenting with new lead sources? Or do you start by A/B testing your homepage? Maybe your landing pages? Or maybe something else altogether?

There are so many tests that you can perform in Marketing and it can be hard to know where to begin.

Lead Forms Are An Easy Win

If there’s one thing that every marketer can agree on, it’s that B2B lead forms are too long.

Lead forms are long. Way too long. Sometimes lead forms have 8 or even 9 fields.

Which ends up killing conversion rates.

B2B lead forms are too long.

But what happens when you remove form fields to increase conversion rates?

Sales complain that they don’t have the right information and the leads aren’t sales-ready. And then, you’re back at square one.

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Lusha Forms: Lead Forms with Just One Field

We created Lusha Forms to help you maximize lead quantity, quality, and conversion rates.

When you add Lusha Forms to your lead form page, a prospect enters their email address, and we fill out the rest of the form for them.

Resulting in one-field lead forms:

Lusha Forms: Lead Forms with Just One Field

Lusha Forms automatically fills out the lead form based on information in our B2B contact database. (If we can’t find the information in our database we ask the prospect to fill in as much information is needed, so your forms are always complete.)

This makes it so much faster and easier for prospects to finish your lead forms, and capture all the information that your company needs to qualify them.

The result?

✔More MQLs

✔More SQLs

✔More complete lead info

✔More conversions

✔Lower CAC

Lusha Forms Comes with Built-in Lead Routing

After a lead comes in, Lusha Forms will automatically route your lead, based on custom rules that you create.  So you can send your VIP leads straight to sales and poor quality leads out the door.

Best of all?

Lusha Forms is free, easy to use, completely self-service and something you can set up in just minutes (it’s just one line of code that you need to add to your site.)

Join The Lusha Forms Beta, and Easily Increase Your Conversion Rates

We’re kicking off Lusha Forms’ beta and we’re looking for design partners to join us.

Not only will you get more leads, SQLs, and conversions, but your feedback will become a vital part of the Lusha Forms product.

We’d love it if you joined us.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or the Lusha team, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Click here to join the Lusha Forms Beta

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