Wordpress Web Developer

Marketing, Tel Aviv


We’re looking for an experienced Wordpress web developer to join our Marketing dev team. You will make a significant impact through an end-to-end ownership of the Lusha.com website, blog, email and much more. This dynamic position is an incredible opportunity for a talented developer who loves marketing, A/B testing, design and funnel optimization.

What will you be doing?

  • Responsible for building, optimizing, and maintaining our core asset - Lusha.com.
  • Develop our digital assets: blog, paid acquisition landing pages, personalization tools, emails, and out-of-the-box projects.
  • Work closely with developers, designers and growth managers to build and optimize our marketing funnels.
  • Initiate strategies and implement A/B testing on key pages to support conversion rate optimization.
  • Lead a continuous SEO optimization process for Lusha's digital assets and content.

You are:

  • Detail oriented: your web development approach is pixel perfect, you love to pay attention to details. QAing your work is in your nature and you enjoy thinking about edge cases and how to handle them.
  • Independent: You pick things up quickly and are able to execute independently from ideation to implementation
  • Tech Savvy: you utilize the latest tools to make your work as efficient as possible. You have a natural curiosity for tech and want to be part of high energy and passionate team about to make history
  • Results-driven. You lead with a purpose, know how to make a real impact and have a drive to exceed your goals. 
  • Organized. You are able to manage highly interdependent, multifaceted projects and keep various work streams on track - even those with many moving parts.
  • Quick: energetic is your baseline and you learn fast. You get excited and take pride in your work.
  • Team Player: you strive for greatness, and know that teamwork is the way to get there. You’re a natural leader, and see yourself growing as our team expands.

Must-have Requirements:

  • Experience in characterizing websites and web-based systems
  • Experience with regular maintenance of sites
  • Front end development experience (JS, JQuery, other FWKs, CSS/SCSS, HTML) - 2+ years
  • MySQL queries - 2+ years
  • Wordpress + PHP development (not plugins) - 2+ years
  • Git - 1+ years
  • Knowledge of working with external services (GTM and alike)   
  • Proven experience interacting with APIs, JSON, & XML
  • Highly proficient in WordPress plugins & theme-building
  • A motivated self-learner, self-starter and multi-tasker who delivers high-quality products
  • Passion for creativity and marketing is a must

Why Lusha?

Lusha connects you to your most relevant potential customers by creating simple, self-served products that provide access to meaningful and insightful B2B data. We offer ways to leverage data as an enabler for better, smarter and faster conversions at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

Lusha was named Top 100 G2 Best Software Company and Top 100 Fastest-Growing product in 2020. Based in the center of Tel Aviv, Lusha is a fast-growing startup that offers its 80+ employees the opportunity to take an active role in shaping the future of the company. While all of us are dedicated to that mission, we surely know how to have a good time.

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