Global Sales Enablement and Trainer

Sales USA, Boston


We’re looking for a dynamic Global Sales Enablement and Trainer to join our sales team to work towards our collective goal of empowering businesses to succeed through data. The Trainer will play a critical role in developing, reinforcing, maintaining and evolving a comprehensive training framework across both our Israel and Boston offices. Working with leadership to identify gaps, the Trainer will be proactive in assessing and diagnosing areas for improvement with the ultimate goal of creating consistency across the sales organization. The Sales Trainer will be counted on to wear multiple hats: Learning and Development, enablement and training. The ideal candidate is an excellent salesperson at their core, and thrives on developing those around them with repeatable pitches and processes. 

Lusha’s product is easy to adopt and plays an essential role in the sales tech stack for many companies from SMB all the way to large enterprise. We pride ourselves on having the best contact data possible, with a solution that’s both easy to adopt and ready to scale. 

You will:

  • Work in a 1-1 settings with individual contributors across various roles (AE, CSM, AM, BDR/SDR and management)
  • Lead onboarding sessions for roles across global sales
  • Create and reinforce curriculum to create consistency
  • Keep an eye on competitors, working with the Product Marketing Manager to reinforce healthy practices
  • Listen to calls using Gong and reviewing interactions with customers to create a culture of constant learning and improvement
  • Develop talk tracks and modules around common objection handling
  • Work with Product, Marketing and Legal to relay and connect products and features to real-life selling situations
  • Use Sandler Sales Methodology to reinforce consistent sales practices
  • Work with ramping reps to develop healthy practices and sound fundamentals
  • Help reps who are inconsistent diagnose and correct challenge areas
  • Inform senior leadership of overall gaps in performance and ensure that curriculum is built to close them
  • Ensure consistency in selling and processes across a global team
  • Develop playbooks and pitches for unique selling scenarios along with sales leadership

You are:

  • An excellent sales coach and communicator: You inspire your people with the gravitas of someone who has “been there and done that”
  • Globally-minded: You communicate clearly, and can relay information to various learning styles across different countries. You understand that the pitch and product positioning varies by region and can develop sales techniques and practices accordingly
  • Obsessed with consistency: Sales is an art and a science, and you know that the right process leads to success. You will pair with sales leadership to develop and maintain playbooks from SDR to Enterprise Sales
  • Great communicator: As a global leader, your ability to teach and communicate with people across the globe is essential
  • Motivated by results: Your efforts will have a direct impact to revenue. You thrive on the increased results of the team and can tie your efforts to increased performance
  • An excellent coach: You’re able to coach and challenge those around you in a productive way. You inspire people to move out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves
  • A strong seller: You’ve been successful as a seller in the past, and thrive on developing others. 


  • 1+ year of sales enablement/training experience
  • Ability to work cross culturally and travel at least quarterly
  • Strong and professional communication skills -- written, verbal, presentation
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Proficient in various manners of presenting (powerpoint, webinar, etc)
  • Self-starter mentality: act without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company
  • Flexibility - things change around here. FAST.
  • High integrity, energy, and dedication 

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