Next Ventures Growth Process

How Lusha helped Next Ventures To Improve Recruiting

Meet Next Ventures

Since 2001, Next Ventures has been a leader in recruitment for Large Enterprise Technology. Based in London, and with subsidiary offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil, Next Ventures continues to expand their reach, with independent contractors in 17 countries. The company prides itself on its ability to fulfill global IT staffing needs. They specialize in understanding the unique recruitment needs of their clients and have won many industry awards for their keen ability to do so. As true leaders within the field of recruitment, Next Ventures considers improved customer engagement via meaningful and deep interactions with clients to be a vital goal.

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We tried Lusha and were so pleased with the results. Lusha has streamlined our ability to connect with clients accurately and efficiently.

Richard Lacey

Founding Director

The challenge

The need to reach the best potential candidates

  • Difficulty reaching potential candidates in an efficient way. Passive candidates do not respond to ads: “Because we are so tightly niche-focused, we are constantly looking to hone in on passive candidates who are not reaching out or responding to ads. They can be tough to get a hold of even once we identify them and it is in our best interest to be able to reach them directly.”
  • A smart, sophisticated, direct, and effective information gathering and access method that would lead to results.
  • Giving Next Ventures’ call agents the necessary information to connect with the right candidates at the right time. Richard explains that being able to contact a candidate directly sparks immediate engagement, which is what drives recruitment; “When you have reached a candidate successfully, and already have some common ground with them, the dialogue is deeper and more connected.”

How Lusha helped

Streamlining the process

“We tried Lusha and were so pleased with the results, that by the end of the trial period, we were absolutely hooked”, says Richard. “It was clear that we wished to continue using Lusha and it’s been a great decision. Lusha has streamlined our ability to connect with clients accurately and efficiently. Next Ventures selected Lusha to create a solution that would enrich the details available to consultants. With better information, consultants could optimize the matching of clients with candidates. Together, Next Ventures and Lusha created a more comprehensive and streamlined candidate connection process enabling Next Ventures’ consultants to call the right candidates immediately and directly. This way, connections that otherwise would have been lost were concluded successfully

  • Next Ventures used Lusha to streamline their ability to accurately and efficiently connect with clients. Next Ventures could now connect with both active and passive candidates.
  • The process of gathering rich data about candidates and job positions was accelerated to maximize time and drive productivity.
  • The seamless addition of direct phone numbers into Next Venture’s CRM allowed for direct contact with prospective clients and candidates.

Growth results

“We continue to focus on making connections on both sides; providing our clients with the top people to suit their staffing needs, as well as reaching out to active and passive candidates to fill those roles and finding the best fit”, Richard explained.

Next Ventures’ operations took flight:

  • The company had revenues of £45 million.
  • Turnovers increased by 34%, gross profits grew by 38% and net profits grew by 96%.
  • Clients and candidates matched with greater speed and precision.
  • Passive candidates could now be identified and directly reached.
  • Next Ventures could now reach the right target immediately, sparking instant engagement and driving recruitment.
  • Thousands of accurate contacts were now accessed instantaneously, saving time and resources.

Next Ventures currently employs 90 recruiters and is looking to grow that number even further. With the best tools available for those recruiters, it’s clear that Next Ventures is likely to remain comfortably at the top of this industry.