Spendesk's Growth Process

How Spendesk Maximized Cold-Calling Strategies by Using Lusha’s API

Meet Spendesk

Spendesk is a FinTech startup that provides companies with easy and efficient expense management solutions. As a SaaS solution, Spendesk simplifies company bookkeeping processes by eliminating the need for expense report and paperwork filing. The company’s innovative approach organizes and details companies’ business spending so that all expenses are tracked directly within the Spendesk system. Spendesk currently services thousands of customers and is looking to grow and expand its client base further.

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Fintech Accounting Software Expense Management
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We love the product. Our teams find it so easy to use and so relevant to their daily tasks.

Jérémy Goillot

Head of Growth

The challenge

The need to get to the right decision-maker

“Cold calling isn’t an easy task,” explains Jeremy Goillot of Spendesk, “Chances are, you will almost never get to the right person at a good time. If you’re lucky enough to get through, the guy you reach is not likely to be the one who can make a company decision. Manually working your way through a calling list is also highly inefficient.” Spendesk recognized the value of connecting a successful salesperson on their end with a decision-maker on the client’s end. “It’s so important to zero in on the right person, and actually get through to them, the first time, every time,” explains Jeremy.

  • Increase the number of leads in an intelligent way. Prospects were already getting emails from SpendesK, but all too often, emails get ignored.
  • Spendesk needed a smart, sophisticated, direct, and effective cold-calling method that would lead to results.
  • Directly connecting Spendesk salespeople with client-end decision-makers.

How Lusha helped

API use for immediate enrichment

Lusha joined forces with Spendesk to create a new lead generation journey:

  • Lusha provided Spendesk with personal email addresses, immediately enriching prospects.
  • The Lusha solution enabled customized and personalized emails to be deployed to prospects.
  • Using Lusha’s API, direct phone numbers were seamlessly added into Spendesk’s CRM, allowing the sales team to contact decision makers’ prospects immediately.

Growth results

Jeremy described how Spendesk utilized Lusha to the utmost; The Lusha extension gave Spendesk authentic email addresses, which immediately enriched their prospects. Spendesk could then send out customized emails to prospects and track whether that email was opened. If the email was opened three times, this was the threshold that indicated a significant interest in the product. Tracking IP addresses allowed them to gauge whether the recipient also visited the Spendesk website, specifically their pricing page. At this point, the Lusha API really took things to the next level for Spendesk. “We did the background work and we identified who the interested prospects were. We didn’t want to lose the momentum by calling around unsuccessfully or trying repeatedly to get through with no results.” The Lusha API streamlined this entire process for Spendesk. The API added direct phone numbers seamlessly into Spendesk’s CRM system, allowing them to reach out to their desired contacts directly. Jeremy continues, “We knew they had just been checking us out online so things were still very fresh. We’d already done most of the background to build the relationship, and sales could successfully pitch the deal.” During that call, the sales rep can really explain what Spendesk has to offer. Jeremy elaborates, “With an email, there’s little chance that the person who reads it will make the effort to follow up with questions. On the phone, though, you’re in real-time. The client can ask important questions and our sales rep can immediately clarify any issues with accurate answers.”


  • Cold-calling brought about a response rate of over 12%.
  • The Lusha API enabled Spendesk to reach the right target immediately, making connections that would have otherwise been lost.
  • Rote work and time traps were eliminated: In the time it took Spendesk to track down just one phone number in the past, they can now access thousands of accurate contacts immediately.
  • Thousands of accurate contacts were now accessed instantaneously, saving the company resources.