Vibe Group's Growth Process

How Lusha Helped Vibe Group To Close 10 Extra Deals Every Month

Meet Vibe Group

Vibe Group is an information and communications technology recruitment firm that currently operates in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. An umbrella company, Vibe Group consists of five niche labels spanning the breadth of IT specialties, each with a specific market focus, as well as a sixth label that offers comprehensive IT solutions. As a complete career advisory company which aims to engage people for life, Vibe Group organizes events, meetups as well as uses chat boxes to keep professionals connected and engaged.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lusha enables us to contact people by phone who we couldn’t reach out to before. Establishing the connection is the key. Lusha allows us to get to that point easily and quickly.

Dennis Van Weeren

Director of Operations

The challenge

The need to engage with the best candidates

  • Niche IT personnel are passive candidates who are not seeking out recruiters so they can be difficult to contact successfully.
  • ITers don’t want to be bombarded with calls when they’re busy, Vibe Group needed a way to unobtrusively keep in touch with their clients.
  • Vibe Group needed to access the correct background and contact information for their clients.

How Lusha helped

Finding the right people to connect with

Dennis Van Weeren, Director of Operations at Vibe Group: “The telephone remains one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal for connecting with others. The level of connection possible when you reach someone by phone is incomparable.”  The company began working with Lusha as a trial for a small group of consultants, but when they started successfully closing deals with it in place, within days, other consultants were asking to access it too. Vibe Group found that recruiters quickly learned how to use the tool, and saved time and resources when introducing Lusha as setup was so user-friendly. “Lusha is a clean and simple tool, and that’s a huge advantage. Many tools in our industry require training to use. With Lusha, consultants caught on quickly and easily. We saved time and resources when introducing Lusha, because there was no headache involved in its setup.”

  • Vibe Group used Lusha to update their contact information for clients.
  • With the correct contact and background information, Vibe Group had many more opportunities to have productive conversations with clients.
  • Consultants quickly started closing deals faster than before.