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WhiteSource Is the only all-­in-one licensing, security, and reporting solution for managing open source components, and the only one that operates in real-­time, by automatically and continuously scanning dozens of open source repositories, and cross-­referencing this data directly against the open source components in your build. It helps you find optimal components, automatically alerts you about known security vulnerabilities, bugs, new versions, patches, and fixes in the components you’re using. It automates the creation and enforcement of your company’s licensing policies, and centralizes inter-­departmental communications and approval processes.


Number of employees

251 - 500

Main industry


Industry tags

  • Security
  • Developer Tools
  • Enterprise Software
  • Software

Founded in


Annual revenue range

$34.4 million


New York, New York


United States

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One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Effective”

The Challenge:

WhiteSource BDRs were reaching gatekeepers and endless switchboards, instead of their prospects.

The Solution:

By using Lusha Extension, (Lusha’s prospecting tool on LinkedIn) WhiteSources’ BDRs can quickly reach prospects, create a sales pipeline, and close deals for WhiteSource.


From hours of digging for prospect contact details to instant results

Martin and his team at WhiteSource had a problem. They were spending hours researching their prospects’ contact information but kept getting stuck talking to gatekeepers or automated switchboard messages. Martin and his team knew they needed a way to help BDRs cut down on time spent searching for prospect contact details, and get them on the phone.

“The Lusha learning curve is about 30 seconds for a new user.”

At his previous employer, Seebo, Martin used Lusha Extension to quickly locate his prospect’s contact information. Once he landed his new role at WhiteSource, Lusha was a no-brainer when it came time to choosing the best possible prospecting tool. “At WhiteSource, 93% of our bookings are done over the phone, so Lusha saves us time from hopping on Google or having to track the number down via the website”, says Martin. The accurate personal phone numbers that Lusha provides Martin with, means he’s able to quickly reach prospects that he was never able to reach before.


Martin has more conversations and lands more deals

WhiteSource experiences a significant amount of inbound traffic via demos and free trials, but oftentimes people leave incorrect contact details. Lusha gives Martin access to the correct contact details of those potential leads and speeds up the lead qualifying process. “I like to know where I stand, so if I get the right persona on the phone, and he’s not buying what I pitch, it’s a lot easier to find that out.” In addition to phone numbers, Martin also uses Lusha to locate prospects’ business emails. “Lusha is a great way to get a business email, so you can email them in their comfort zone and it’s not on a personal level”. By having access to a leads’ business email, Martin is able to have more business-led conversations and book more meetings. “The more you use Lusha, the more meetings you’ll book, and the more your income will roll in via commissions.”

The beauty of Lusha is that it allows Martin to have conversations he never would have been able to have, with prospects he never would have been able to reach. Many corporate companies, like General Motors, don’t publicly list employee extension numbers, and only have a general switchboard – a dead end for a salesman. But, using Lusha Extension may provide him with five potential phone numbers for his prospect. With Lusha Extension, Martin is able to get on the phone with the right person and evaluate the potential.

“Lusha helps me reach some of the most important people in the industry.”

Landing and Expanding Deals with Lusha

Martin has also secured several ‘Land and Expand’ deals with Lusha Extension, where he was able to expand on existing deals and create further business opportunities. Starting with his smaller deals at WhiteSource, Martin can contact prospects from offices at other subsidiaries, searching for relevant opportunities. “Without Lusha you’d probably reach a switchboard of the company subsidiary in Hong Kong. But if you have Lusha, you might get the mobile number of a kind gentleman from Hong Kong who might tell you a great deal about HQ in Switzerland, and you end up gathering more intel and data on the company because you were able to reach that person directly”. Martin is ultimately able to expand his existing deals by finding more relevant contacts and booking meetings.

“The more you use Lusha, the more meetings you’ll book, and the more your income will roll in via commissions.”

Lusha’s Customer Service Delights and Delivers

Ultimately, what Martin loves most about Lusha, is not only the quality of Lusha’s contact data but also its stellar customer service. Martin loves that Lusha is quick to respond to any of his questions, from the comfort of online chat. “They know time is of the essence and they get right on it”. Recently, Martin spotted a credit error on his account. Lusha not only immediately credited Martin back but quickly solved the problem. “That says a lot about your company when you can make a change that’s not just a patch. It means you’re not going to hear from me complaining about that again, and that’s huge.” Martin will be a long term user of Lusha, because “The service is extremely good and the technology works. And at the end of the day, that’s where I really respect you guys.”

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