Tommaso has Tripled His Booked Meetings, Thanks to Lusha

with Tommaso Battistini Business Development Representative

Meet Zendesk

Zendesk is a CRM software with a goal of putting people first and improving customer relationships. Zendesk empowers sales and customer service teams to provide the ultimate customer service experience, improve processes and ensure that sales teams have more visible pipelines.

Number of employees


Main industry

Computer Software

Industry tags

  • Help Desk
  • Software
  • Customer Service
  • SaaS
  • Customer Continuity

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Annual revenue range

$1.030 Billion


San Francisco, California



Social media

x3 business opportunities

10K generated monthly with Lusha

60% stated accuracy for C-level prospects

One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Efficient”

The Challenge:

As a Business Development Representative, Tommaso Battistini is tasked with spreading awareness and creating business opportunities (pipeline) for sales.

The Solution:

Thanks to Lusha, Tommaso now generates more than x3 as many business opportunities, and is often asked by his colleagues “how did you book so many meetings?”

I’m performing quite well with Lusha. I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals or do my job without it.”

Tommaso Needed Quick Access to an Undeveloped Business Market

Tommaso Battistini is an Enterprise and Commercial Business Development Representative at Zendesk, covering a relatively undeveloped region – Southern Europe.

Lusha Offers Him Quick Access To His Ideal Prospects

“In Southern Europe the market is relatively undeveloped. I needed a tool that would help me create more opportunities and reach more qualified prospects at scale.”

Tommaso Tripled His Booked Meetings with Lusha

Almost instantly, Tommaso felt a change for the better. Whereas initially Tommaso was booking two meetings a week, that number over tripled with Lusha, usually averaging in at about seven opportunities a week.

Coworkers Constantly Ask Him How He Gets His Results

His coworkers quickly took notice of Tommaso’s incredible results, often asking him “how did you manage to book so many meetings?”

“I needed a tool that would help me reach the right people at the right time. With Lusha I’m now able to contact the prospects I want to target, and so I spend more time selling, and less time searching for leads.”

Tommaso Needs Lead Quality and Volume

According to Tommaso, his job is a “volume game.” He needs to pitch large quantities of the right types of prospects, in order to raise awareness about Zendesk. Now with a way in, Tomasso is able to call and email his target prospects, and quickly fill sales’ pipeline with more business opportunities.

“With Lusha I’m able to quickly understand what’s the email address and phone number of the prospect I need to target, so I can make outreach.”

Lusha Gives Tommaso the Competitive Advantage

Tommaso’s results speak for themselves – with over x3 the amount of opportunities, Tommaso has quite the competitive advantage over his colleagues and his competitors.

Tommaso Has Spread the Word About Lusha

“I’ve been spreading the good word about Lusha to my friends and colleagues. Lusha helps me to be more strategic and the business benefit is very clear to me.”

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