Lusha for Salesforce

Auto-enrich your Salesforce contacts

Automatically enrich Salesforce contacts and leave the manual entry to Lusha.

Lusha for Salesforce


Let Lusha bulk enrich your Salesforce contacts


Bulk enrich profiles on autopilot

Create custom rules which automatically bulk enrich your Salesforce database. Ensure contacts always stay up-to-date, with no more need for painful manual entry.


Score and route leads in real-time

When you have complete data, you can conduct smarter lead scoring and routing. This keeps leads fresh and increases conversions.


Understand your ideal customer profile

Lower your churn and increase conversions with Lusha’s B2B data. Analyze your closed and won deals and pivot marketing and sales based on any patterns in the data.

Really impressed with how easy it is to uncover emails and phone numbers with Lusha!

Garin Kilpatrick Watson Marketing Futurist, IBM

Built with your success in mind

  • Build rules to enrich leads

    Create custom rules in Lusha to enrich your Salesforce contacts, accounts or leads.

  • Update contacts automatically

    Improve your connect rates with fresh data. Salesforce contacts always stay updated with automatic enrichment.

  • Update one list at a time

    Perfect if you’d like to enrich a list in Salesforce, one-time rules allow you to control and limit your credit usage.

What is Lusha for Salesforce?

Lusha for Salesforce is a Salesforce-native app (available from the AppExchange) which lets you get personal, fast. Create custom rules to bulk-enrich Salesforce contacts, save time on manual admin, understand your ideal customer profile and route leads in real-time.