Lusha Extension

for Sales

Spend more time selling with Lusha Extension

Under pressure to hit your monthly targets? Now you can go back to selling and leave the contact details to Lusha.

Accurate B2B data = More
conversations = more deals

The challenge

75% of calls go unanswered

On average, most SDRs make 50 calls per day,
Resulting in only 1 booked meeting a day and
1 sale a month.

The solution

Use Lusha to double your connect rates


Business profiles


C-level profiles


Company profiles


Introducing your new secret weapon: Lusha Extension

Spend more time selling

Reach those hard-to-get prospects by phone. Stop wasting your time searching for their contact details and entering them into a CRM.

Double your connect rates

Make sure your calls are answered, with Lusha’s database of accurate, personal phone numbers and email addresses.

Double-down on your successes

Once you know your ideal target customer, you can find more lookalike customers using Lusha Prospecting tools for sales.

Close more deals

The more you know about your prospects, the more you can tailor your pitch and close more deals.

Built with your success in mind

  • Integrated in your environment

    Find and reach out to your ideal future customers, from your Gmail inbox, on social networks and B2B sites. Use the intel to create the perfect pitch and make more sales.

  • Build your contacts list

    Save contacts directly to your Lusha dashboard, build lists and easily export them into a CSV or your CRM.

  • Team management

    Admins can easily allocate credits and limit credit usage between team members.

  • Save contacts to your CRM

    Save contacts from social networks, Gmail or B2B sites directly to your CRM in one click. Go back to selling and leave the manual entry to Lusha.

  • Incredible accuracy and hit rates

    Our hit rates and accurate B2B data are key to closing deals. Access 36M C-level profiles, 100M business profiles and 15M full company profiles.

Out of the 30 or 40 SQLs I'm bringing in a quarter, I've relied on Lusha to make contact with every single one. Lusha pays for itself 10x over.

Lance Burnstein Head of Sales Development,