Contacts API

Bulk enrich
any system.

Lusha API makes it so easy to bulk enrich
your system with our all-star data.

Lusha API


Connect Lusha to the systems you already use


Your system + our data

Lusha’s API ensures accurate, complete and real-time data enrichment in your own native solution.


Bulk enrich your system’s data in realtime

No matter your system or DB, your data always stays fresh and up-to-date with Lusha’s real-time bulk data enrichment.


Quality data = Incredible results

Our accurate B2B data and impressive hit rates open closed doors and lets ֵyou get personal with your future customers. Our data is safe and fully CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Lusha has been so easy to incorporate. Our sales representatives attest that it’s the right tool for them to do their jobs. The days of chasing leads are behind us with the API in place.

Jonathan Anguelov Co-founder & COO, AirCall

Built with your success in mind

  • One API - two endpoints

    You can rely on Lusha’s API to enrich your existing company and contact data. Select from our Contact or Company API, or use both.

  • Contacts API

    Provide us with a prospect’s name and company, and we enrich your data with emails, phone numbers and more.

  • Company API

    Give us your prospect’s company details and we enrich their attributes (i.e. overview, location, social media info).

What is Contacts API?

Lusha API is a programming interface that layers on top of your own custom solution. Leverage Lusha’s data into a custom program or integrate it into your product. Lusha offers two API endpoints; You can choose to enrich your data with contact data, company data - or both.