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Control your Lusha profile

Be in control. See what data has been collected and manage your personal, business, or company profile better. Update, correct or delete data about you at any time.

You’re in control of your personal information

Lusha enables the protection and privacy of the personal information it collects and processes to ensure that you are in control of your personal information.

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How does Lusha keep your data safe?

At Lusha, we prioritize data security and we’re committed to protecting your data at all times. Learn all about how Lusha protects your personal data.

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Request access to data

You can access, obtain and edit personal data that has been collected by submitting the request access form. After we’ve verified your identity, you’ll receive the requested data.

Edit your data

If you wish to edit or correct your profile data, please fill the form and changes will be made after a verification process.

Request to remove your profile

If you wish to delete your data from Lusha's services, all your records will be removed from our products after you submit the request removal form.

California consumer rights

If you are a California consumer (as defined in CCPA), you have the right to opt out of the “sale” (as defined in CCPA) of your personal data on a going forward basis. To opt out, please fill out the request removal form.