Lusha Community Terms of Use

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

Welcome to the Lusha Community!

Our Community members help keep Lusha’s database accurate and up-to-date by sharing their professional network’s contact details in exchange for extra credits or access to premium features.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up to Lusha Community.

Below you can find our Community Terms of Use (“the Terms“), which apply to the engagement between Lusha Systems Inc. and its affiliates (including subsidiaries, parent companies, joint ventures and other corporate entities under common ownership) (“Lusha“, “Us” or “We“) and you.

These Terms are a part of the general Lusha Terms of Service  (“General Terms“) and all applicable provisions of the General Terms apply in relation to the Lusha Community, with the required changes. Such provisions include, without limitation, provisions regarding changes to the Terms, Intellectual property rights, Customer obligations, Warranties, Indemnification, Disclaimer of warranties, Limitation of liability, Governing law and arbitration. Capitalized terms that are not defined in these Terms shall bear the meaning assigned to them in the General Terms.

1. The Community and the Service – joining, access, benefits, cancellation

a. Prior to joining the Lusha Community, you should ensure that you have all required authorizations and permissions to join the Lusha Community. If you have any reason to believe that you are not authorized to join the Lusha Community, please refrain from joining the Community or cancel your participation immediately.

b. If you choose to join the Lusha Community, you expressly authorize and request Lusha’s Services to access, via your Outlook or G-Suite permissions, to your contacts in your email database, including their names, email addresses, job titles, company names, and phone numbers found in their email headers and signatures.

c. Access will be granted to all contacts in the email database, without the option to “remove” specific contacts. Please note that such contacts may reach out to Lusha directly to request their removal from the Database.

d. Lusha will use the relevant parts of the information to enrich its Database and contribute to the expansion of the Lusha Community. Lusha may reproduce, distribute, publish, or display the information collected or any portion thereof, and sell, transfer, disclose or make available the information or any portion thereof to any third party, including Lusha’s customers.

e. You acknowledge and agree that after joining the Lusha Community (and until you cancel your participation in the Community), the Services will automatically access and collect the information that may be stored in your email account both locally or on a remote server.

f. Please note that Lusha will not read the content of your email correspondence and that the only information obtained will be the information described above.

g. In exchange for joining the Lusha Community and providing access to the information, as described above, you will be entitled to certain benefits in your use of the Lusha Services (“Benefits“). The Benefits will be presented to you in a separate offer by Lusha. Benefits may include credits for the Service or additional premium features, at Lusha’s sole discretion. Lusha may replace or change the Benefits at any time. If you are not satisfied with any changes in the Benefits, you can opt-out of Lusha Community at any time.

h. You may cancel your participation in the Community at any time within Lusha’s web-browser extension settings.

i. If you cancel your participation in the Community, then:

i. Any Benefits that you have received in exchange for your participation in the Community will immediately be revoked.

ii. You will no longer have free access to the Lusha Community.

iii. Lusha will no longer have access to your information. However, please note that information that Lusha has accessed prior to your cancellation will not be deleted from the Lusha Database.

2. Operating in accordance with Lusha’s Code of Conduct

a. Our Code of conduct guides the way we collect, verify, and secure data. It is the north star that ensures all data processing is done in a transparent, responsible, and ethical way that supports the public good.

b. Our global Community was designed to enable Lusha to become the most simple and accurate data-enrichment service, thanks to the contribution of our Community members’ business contact details.

c. By joining the Lusha Community, you agree and undertake to operate in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct can result in immediate cancellation of your participation in the Lusha Community.

d. Our ethical principles

i. Collaboration:
The Community advocates share accurate and up-to-date B2B contact information. Lusha takes measures to remove public emails (for example, Gmail and Yahoo accounts) and update any outdated information. Community members are expected to do the same, by sharing only B2B contact details and reporting any incorrect information found in Lusha’s database.

ii. Avoid all harm:
Lusha’s Community has a strict “no harm” policy. This means we do not share any information which may cause harm to others. For example, Lusha will do its utmost to remove phone numbers of any government officials, politicians, or persons that may be targeted by security agencies or terrorist groups – and we expect our community members to do the same.

iii. Honor confidentiality
Unless legally required, Lusha will not expose the source of its professional contact information. Our community members are also expected not to disclose professional’s details that are in “stealth mode,” or who would like to remain private.

e. Professional Responsibilities

i. Professionalism:
We are committed to always check the laws and legislation regarding the proper usage of information provided to our users, including the proper conduct of sending mass unsolicited emails (SPAM) or conducting mass unsolicited phone calls in any jurisdiction that our users operate in.

ii. Respect privacy:
The information provided will not be used in any way that violates individual rights. We do not collect business contact details that are not needed and do not retain them for any period longer than necessary.

iii. Fairness:
Lusha and its Community members should comply with any requests to stop using or processing information or even delete business information.

f. Compliance with the code

i. Uphold, promote, and respect the principles of the Code.

ii. The future of Lusha’s Community depends both on professional and ethical integrity. We believe that Lusha’s Community of B2B professionals should act as an example of the highest code of moral conduct, and adhere to the Code of conduct.

g. Each Community member should encourage and fully support adherence of all B2B professionals, regardless of their membership to Lusha. Lusha members who recognize a breach of the Code of Conduct should swiftly report any such violation to Lusha, which can result in further action and possibly cancel or suspend the membership of any such member.