The Data We Cover

Lusha provides you with accurate, personal and company data about your prospect.
Here's a list of the data we provide, and more about it (data attributes).


Business profiles


Decision makers email addresses


Decision makers direct dials


Full companies profiles

Contact AttributesDescription
Full nameFull name of contact
First nameFirst name of contact
Last nameLast name of contact
Middle nameMiddle name of contact
Organization nameEmployer name of contact
Job titleContact’s title at given company
SeniorityContact’s seniority at given company
RoleStandardized role based on job title
EmailsList of contact’s accurate emails
PhonesList of contact’s accurate phone numbers
CountryContact’s current country values
StateContact’s current state values
Company InformationDescription
NameCompany name
DescriptionDescription of company
DomainCompany’s website domain
Homepage URLCompany’s website URL value
Founded yearYear company was founded in
Logo URLLink to company’s logo file
Facebook linkLink to company’s Facebook page
Twitter linkLink to company’s Twitter page
LinkedIn linkLink to company’s LinkedIn page
Company LocationCompany’s headquarters address
CountryCompany’s headquarters country
Country codeCompany’s headquarters country code
StateCompany’s headquarters state
State codeCompany’s headquarters state code
RegionCompany’s headquarters region
CityCompany’s headquarters city
StreetCompany’s headquarters street
Zip codeCompany’s headquarters zip code
Company contact phoneOfficial ‘Contact Us’ phone number
Industry tagsList of company’s vertical descriptors
Industry category groupsList of the company’s industry groups
Industry primary groupPrimary industry group from categories
Company Number of EmployeesBucketed employee ranges for company
Company Revenue RangeBucketed Revenue ranges for company
Company Key People ListPeople publicly linked to company’s leadership

To provide you with the most up-to-date information, Lusha has developed an advanced technology infrastructure with the most accurate business intelligence data.

Lusha’s core purpose is to make online engagement safe and efficient. Its unique solution is based on a collaborative security effort, effectively utilizing information to verify online identities.

We collect information concerning business profiles, similar to information which is typically included on a business card, business email signature block, or an online professional profile. Learn more