Human resource departments need to fill job vacancies fast. Like Sonic the Hedgehog fast. 

Each day a role remains vacant, money is flying out of the company accounts. Businesses lose $500 per day on average from vacant roles, and with the usual time to fill a position being 30-63 days, that could be up to $30,000 for one vacant spot! If you have several openings that need to be filled, and if you’re spending months looking for the right people, you might as well grab a lighter and burn the money yourself.

HR management tools are the only way to guarantee you’ll find a pool of competent and qualified candidates (without reading hundreds of resumes). Frankly, it’s the only way to turn around the interview and hiring process quickly. Here are the 5 best tools in the game that every HR pro needs to have on their radar.

A position attracts 250 candidates

5 HR management tools to make work less painful

1. JobDiva for recruiting and applicant tracking 

JobDiva is an applicant tracking software (ATS) that helps you post job openings to several boards. It screens and finds quality resumes, sorts out the best candidates, and fast tracks your way to finding the best talent and setting up an interview. When you think about it, ATS is the single most important HR management tool you can use. Without it, you risk wasting time reading mediocre resumes. You know the ones. A catch-all resume that has clearly been sent out to 50+ companies. Your company’s name is nowhere to be seen. The “work section” is filled with generic responsibilities like “reached sales quotas” that give you absolutely no idea of how much money they brought into the business or what techniques they used to generate sales. 

Basically, they’ve committed a major resume faux pas. 

Even worse, you’ll have a bounty of candidates who apply for your job opening, with no intention of coming in for an interview or working at your business (yes, that really happens) who are just testing the water to see if they get a response. 

According to Glassdoor, on average, a single corporate job posting attracts over 250 resumes. Recruiters and staffers have no time to waste reading through every single one to find a diamond in the rough.

A job can attract 250 resumes, an HR management tool will find the ones worth reading.

JobDiva will help you in several ways:

  • Weed out the lame resumes and find the right people who actually read your posting and provided the information and keywords you need.
  • Create a shortlist of the top candidates with this HR management tool. It organizes resumes and ranks them from most to least qualified, making it much easier to pick 4-6 people to come in for an interview!
  • Reach out to superstar applicants first and start nurturing a relationship with them before other recruiters do.
  • Secure an interview faster by automating emails and scheduling phone calls, video, or in-person interviews.

Most importantly, JobDiva is made for scale. If you’re in a fast-growing company, you can relax knowing that in a few years when your workload has doubled, it can deal with thousands of job applicants. Also, your HR department will have 24/7 support and training from JobDiva through emails and phone calls so they can get a hang of all its features within a matter of weeks.

2. Spark Hire for video interviewing

Spark Hire is an HR management tool that helps recruiters conduct video interviews with candidates anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of having a long line of potential employees sitting in your office waiting anxiously for an interview. Human resources can conduct more interviews in less time using video conferencing apps. Here’s why it’s better: instead of interviewing live, hiring managers can pre-record questions for candidates to answer, have them film their responses, and the interview will be stored in a dashboard where other recruiters can view, comment on, and rate their performance. 

With remote work on the rise and a push for diversity in the workplace, this HR management tool will help your company reach more candidates outside of your region and potential hires who may have restraints that prevent them from traveling. It also eliminates name, gender, or nationality biases some recruiters may have, you know how the old saying goes—don’t judge a book by its cover—well Spark Hire is the perfect tool to get to know more candidates than ever.

Your HR management tool should help you interview candidates worldwide

Spark Hire features to make recruiting easier:

  • Make live interviews go smoothly with support from their concierge who will ensure both the interviewer and interviewee’s microphone, background, connection, and other tools are working.
  • Evaluate each interview by commenting on performances, use a rating system, and send off an automated rejection email so you will not receive any more inquiries from disqualified talent.
  • Test your recruiting strategy with a visual breakdown of your interviews by type, status, and conversion rates. See if you’re making recruiting mistakes that are not bringing in enough qualified people, or if your interview questions are engaging enough and provide the information you need to make hiring decisions.


3. BambooHR for onboarding, training, and learning

BambooHR is an employee onboarding, training, and learning software for small and medium-sized businesses. This HR management tool puts an end to employees coming into your office or sending an email asking you “when is the next training?” because it acts as a central hub where employees can view their upcoming onboarding and training programs. The first few months for new hires are so important for staff retention and the health of a company. 

First, new hires must feel welcome at the business, no one likes being the new kid eating lunch alone in the cafeteria, they must be integrated and introduced to the team. Secondly, new employees must have a good grasp of your company’s values, their job role, processes, and what’s expected of them. If they don’t get mentored, they could reach burnout quickly. Lastly, you must have long-term onboarding and training programs in place. Within the first 18 months, turnover is at its highest for a company. New hires are still in their “decision phase” and will decide if they want to stay long-term or find a new job that’s more hospitable. You must prevent employees from leaving.

Your HR management tool should plan your new hires' first day.

BambooHR helps you retain all-star employees by:

  • Creating new hire packets so before employees even begin their first day, you can assign them tasks, paperwork, or reading material, and give them everything they need to be productive and comfortable.  
  • Helping them reach their goals. The HR management tool breaks down their progress towards specific goals like getting a raise, promotion, or developing their leadership skills. If you see they’re falling short, you can send feedback and discuss how they can improve, let them know they have support available. 
  • Giving them approval immediately by delegating requests like job promotion and compensation increases to other decision-makers, which takes work off your load. 
  • Paycom for payroll management


4. Paycom for payroll management

Paycom is a payroll management system that makes sure every employee is paid accurately, and on time, eliminating the need for HR professionals to enter manual data. Saying it’s an inconvenience when a paycheck is late or it’s the wrong amount is an understatement. On top of dealing with upset employees, you’ll have to compare bank statements to your own company’s records to see what went wrong. This HR management tool can calculate how many hours an employee worked, their overtime, the right salary, and deduct money for tax purposes. If you truly value your employees, this ensures they never go a single day without seeing the payment they worked hard for!

Efficient HR management tools ensure every employee is paid accurately, and on time.

Paycom also saves you money by:

  • Refunding money if the employee hasn’t cashed the check after 180 days.
  • Reducing bank charges so you pay less for every direct deposit.
  • Calculating everything from assets, liabilities, revenues, and equity, so you can create a general ledger report monthly.
  • Withholding and sending garnish wages directly where they need to go so your company will not be held liable.

Paycom also has an online and mobile app where employees can view their pay stubs, earnings, deductions, and more. This gives them an opportunity to communicate any errors with you and help you catch mistakes. It’s an incredible HR management tool!

5. Talentsoft for talent management

Talentsoft is a talent management software that aims to increase conversations and collaborations between leaders and employees. Employees who say there’s a low level of respect among colleagues are 26% more likely to quit their jobs. Conflict usually arises when employees are in silos. What is a silo? A silo is when individuals or teams are isolated from other departments or within the same department and do not share information or updates with one another. Silos create miscommunication, lower productivity, decreased engagement, and can cause confusion or wasted time and resources when an employee completes a task that has been completed by someone else. Encouraging more conversations and feedback builds greater respect and understanding among everyone. 

HR management tools can help create more personalized messages.

Here’s how Talentsoft increases conversations:

  • Transform managers into “connectors” by using a dashboard to align team and employee goals and track everyone’s progress.
  • Increase team collaboration by sending out notifications to leaders and employees to unite on projects, have real-time conversations and give each other feedback.
  • Get a 360-degree view of employees’ performance by getting feedback from their peers. This HR management tool allows employees to comment on the performance of others, which in return helps you gauge their strengths and weaknesses more objectively.

In the end, Talentsoft will help decrease conflict and miscommunication in the workplace and prevent staff turnover from hires who don’t feel valued. The HR department will also have less work offboarding and seeking new candidates.


Get unique candidate data with Lusha Extension

One HR management tool often overlooked is one to find accurate emails and phone numbers. Yes, top candidates are usually more careful about making sure their resume is up to date, but mistakes still do happen. And you don’t have the luxury of losing out on a qualified person when there’s a simple solution.

Lusha Extension is an email finder that you can use when browsing on LinkedIn, websites, and their Gmail inbox. You can get your candidate’s accurate email address and phone number, so every message has a greater chance of getting seen and answered.

Additionally, you’ll receive amazing data points including:

  • Description of current company
  • Industry tags
  • Country, state, and zip code
  • Social media links
  • A list of leadership at their company

Did you know top candidates receive 20-30 InMails on LinkedIn every single day? If you want to stand out from the pack, you’ll need to write an insanely clickable subject line and personalize your message to show that you’ve done your research. You don’t bother to look at generic resumes, so why should a candidate read your generic email? Take time to know who you are contacting, their goal, their current job, company, and industry, and personalize your message to them. It’s the only way to recruit the best people without wasting your time and resources. 

If you need more proof about this HR management tool and the results it gets, take a look at Next Ventures, a London-based technology staffing firm. They use Lusha Extension to streamline their candidate connection process, so their consultants call the right people at the right time. In return, Next Ventures found hard-to-reach candidates, built their workforce, and their net profits grew by 96%.

HR tools need to fill the position


Key Takeaways

  • Fill vacancies fast: The faster you find your candidate the less money your company will lose daily.
  • Double your connection rates: Use Lusha Extension to gather accurate email addresses, phone numbers, and company details for potential hires. Its email finder also works on B2B sites and inside your Gmail. When you’re going after a coveted person, you’ll have to fight tooth and nail to reach them quickly before other recruiters do.
  • Become more competitive: If you want to beat 20-30 other recruiters for your candidate’s attention, Lusha Extension can also help you mention the correct job history and skills your candidate has in your InMail and email messages. If you don’t currently have a better method to find your talent’s info within seconds and personalize messages, recruiters who fill their job vacancies within a month, do.

To fill your next job opening, try out Lusha Extension for free

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