141Sound familiar?

Maybe, your ideal customer persona are C-levels, including the CEO of B2B tech companies.

Super easy to find their contact details and reach them – right?

No, not really….

Here are 12 time-tested and proven ways to track down the CEO and get the CEO’s contact details, like email, phone number and company details.

Do CEOs even read and reply to emails?

Is water wet?


In all seriousness, CEOs do actually read their emails.

According to a recent Inc article, “ Most CEOs and VCs personally read every well-formed email they get, even if they don’t know the sender. This means that if you send a great cold email to your favorite CEO, chances are it will get read.” – so the juice is worth the squeeze.

Additionally, a CEO will respond to an email – if it’s worth responding to. That doesn’t mean that they’ll reply to every email that’s sent their way. But, they will respond to an email if it’s worth their time, is relevant to them or they clearly understand the value they can receive.

Should You Cold Email a CEO?

Why not? It’s the best way to reach a decision maker.

Since most CEOs do actually read their emails there’s certainly no harm in trying.

The secret is not just in sending an email but the contents of your email.

You need to make sure that your cold outreach email is fire – the best advice is to send a short, sweet and to-the-point email. Think about “what’s in it for them?” and make sure you’re sending it to the right person.

How do you write an email to the CEO of a company

According to Hoffman (see the Tweet above: the college student who would cold email Steve Jobs and get a reply,) “Most CEOs and VCs personally read every well-formed email they get, even if they don’t know the sender. This means that if you send a great cold email to your favorite CEO, chances are it will get read.”

And, it’s true as a whole…

As someone who has worked in Marketing and  Sales at a number of high-profile companies, I have personally received forwarded emails from the CEO at every single one…

This ultimately means CEOs do read emails in their inbox.

But, if your email is a typical canned email that you copy-pasted to your cold email list, you’re not going to get a response.

Your email must contain thought. It has to be personal, to the point and relevant for the CEO you’re trying to reach.

It should be friendly, clear as to what it is that you want, and what’s in it for them.

That’s not to say it should be transactional. It just needs to be something that will spark their interest. Your only goal is to get them to respond and want to continue talking to you.

What can you do to catch their attention?

Do you have a mutual point of contact? That’s usually the best way to get a response.

If you don’t, you need to think about how to personally approach this specific CEO.

Take interest in what it is that they do. Did they recently speak at a Keynote? Give sincere feedback and invite conversation.

Whatever it is that you do to email the CEO of a company, do not waste your first shot. The spam filter is real and it only takes a second to be considered spam (i.e. irrelevant or annoying.)

This means you’ve lost your chance to speak to the CEO…

So How Do You Get the CEO’s Contact Details, Anyways?

1. Try Googling


  • Fast
  • Free


  • You probably did it
  • Unlikely you found results

You’ve probably* already tried this, but if you haven’t, hey, you can always try Googling to start with.

The odds are, you will not find the CEO’s email on Google, and so, you’re going to have to get more creative….

2. Lusha – An Online Prospecting Tool


  • Fast
  • Free (no credit card to try)
  • Legal (GDPR & CCPA aligned)
  • Used by 600,000+ companies


  • Have to sign up to get results

What is Lusha?

*Clears throat for a moment.*

Lusha is an online B2B contact database and B2B prospecting tool that’s free to join.

Plus, you get 5 free contact details every single month – so in just a few clicks, you’ll get that CEO’s email absolutely free.

Once you’ve signed up to Lusha (free and takes seconds,) you’ll log into the Lusha dashboard and click the Prospecting tab.

From there, you’ll see a simple, easy to use search window that lets you select filters to search for prospects.

You can search for prospects by general criteria, like industry, revenue bracket, location, number of employees (and more…)

Or, you can search by specific criteria like prospect name, title, company, etc.

From there, you can create lists of prospects and reveal their company and contact data in seconds.

For free.

Plus it’s GDPR and CCPA aligned so it’s legally compliant for your peace of mind.

Lusha Prospecting Platform

Lusha Prospecting Platform search

3. Lusha Web Browser Extension (for Linkedin)


  • Fast
  • Free (no credit card to try)
  • Legal (GDPR & CCPA aligned)
  • Used by 600,000+ companies


  • Have to sign up to get results

Maybe you spend your days looking for companies to target and ideal target clients on LinkedIn?

If this is your sales prospecting strategy, then Lusha Web Browser Extension would be perfect for you.

Once again, it’s free to sign up for, with 5 free credits every month (=5 free contact details.)

All you need to do is sign up for Lusha and download the Lusha web browser extension.

Lusha extension

Next, you’ll find the person you want to reach out to on Linkedin.

how Lusha extension works

Click the Show contact button.

That’s it – you found the CEO’s email address.

4. Lusha is Everywhere (Search B2B sites)


  • Fast
  • Free (no credit card to try)
  • Legal (GDPR & CCPA aligned)
  • Used by 600,000+ companies


  • Have to sign up to get results

Maybe your outreach process is a little different.

Maybe you prefer to find a company website, look around and then look for the correct stakeholder to contact.

If that’s your sales process then, Lusha is Everywhere is the best sales intelligence tool for you!

When you’re on any website, just click the Lusha tab to see a full employee list and nab the CEO’s email address.

To use Lusha is Everywhere, just sign up to Lusha (it’s free to sign up, with 5 free contact details every month,) and easy to use.

Just install Lusha and click the Lusha Icon located in your browser toolbar.

Next, under Lusha Extension, turn the toggle to the on position for Lusha is Everywhere.

Select Allow.

And that’s it! You’re free to search for employee contact details, company info, and grab the CEO’s email.


5. Check their LinkedIn Profile


  • Fast
  • Free


  • You probably tried it
  • And you didn’t get results

Looking to find someone’s email on Linkedin?

It’s rare – but sometimes you strike gold.

Find the CEO you want to reach out to on LinkedIn.

Now, head to their About section.

If you’re lucky, their email will be there.

(You can also export any contacts you’ve found on Linkedin into an excel sheet, which is also pretty nifty.)

Or, if you want a sure bet, sign up for Lusha, download the Lusha extension and in one click, the CEO’s email could be yours.

6. Slide into their LinkedIn Inmails


  • Free
  • Easy


  • Can take weeks or months to get a response
  • No response guaranteed
  • InMails only have an 18% response rate

According to Recruiter.com the average LinkedIn InMail has a 10-25% response rate.


I mean, you could try your luck with an average of 18% response – or you could grab their email on Lusha, for free, in seconds.

7. Website chat


  • Free
  • Quick to do


  • Not every site has live chat
  • Can take time to get a response (up to 2 days)
  • May be unwilling to share these details

A bit of a crapshoot, but worth a shot.

Pop on the website’s live chat and just ask for the CEO’s email.

Sometimes, the chat rep will give it to you, and sometimes they won’t.

Worst case scenario, they’ll tell you they’ll forward your message or tell you to email the info@ email address.

In which case, your best bet is Lusha.

8. Call their switchboard


  • Free


  • Could lead to an answering service
  • During COVID you may not get a response
  • May lead to a salesman

Same as #7, but different.

Depending on the company policy and how generous the phone operator is feeling, you may score a hit.

But don’t forget, in today’s pandemic-era, remote work is the norm.

Many companies may not be reachable by switchboard, may not have their company phone number listed on their site, or all inquiries may lead to a phone mailbox.

In which case, Lusha is your next best bet.

9. Know someone else’s email at the company? Guess their email.


  • Free


  • Not a sure thing
  • Guaranteed to get bounced emails
  • Can be time consuming

When in doubt – take an educated guess.

Check out their website, and try to find any email that you can.

So, if you know that Joe Rogan, customer service rep’s email address is joe.rogan@companyname.com try ceosfirstname.lastname@companyname.com

But, let’s say you don’t know anyone’s email at the company.

You can also try to guess other logical combinations like:

10. Reach out on Twitter


  • Free
  • Fast to try


  • Not everyone has a Twitter mailbox
  • Not everyone answers Tweets
  • You may not ever receive a response

If the CEO you’re looking for is on Twitter – you can do one of a few things.

Check their about page on Twitter. It could have their email address listed, in which case: search no further. 🙂

If they have a Twitter inbox, you can also message them and ask for their email!

Or – Tweet them and ask!

The worst that can happen is they say “no” just not answer you at all.

11. Twitter Advanced Search


  • Fast


  • No guarantee of results

Maybe you’re a little shy to Tweet a certain CEO, or it may be a bit presumptuous to slide into their Inbox.

No problem.

You can look discreetly on Twitter using the Advanced Search feature.

To access Twitter advanced search go to: https://twitter.com/search-advanced?lang=en

Now, search for (at) and (dot), with the parentheses, in the “all of these words” box. Then, specify the CEO’s Twitter handle in the “from these accounts” box.

If the CEO has ever tweeted their email address, Twitter Advanced Search will show you.

12. Online Directories


  • Fast to try


  • Usually required signing up to a service
  • Some services require payment

Sometimes when you search for a CEO’s email address by name, you’ll arrive at one of these pages.

This is an online directory – a type of email finder tool.

Usually in exchange for signing up, you’ll be able to score a few contact details for free.

It’s pretty easy and it’s free – so we recommend using one if you see it.

Next Steps

You’ve read everything there is to know about finding the CEO’s email.

But what do you do once you’ve got it?

  • Here’s how to create an awesome sales cadence that gets prospects to say “yes” to a meeting
  • Or maybe you’ve got the CEO’s phone number and you prefer to cold call them? Here’s our winning tips for successful B2B cold calling.

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This information should not be mistaken for legal advice. Please ensure that you are prospecting and selling in compliance with all applicable laws.

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