It’s shocking to think that companies produce, on average, 23 webinars a year.

Even more startling, is that the average B2B webinar costs between $100 and $3,000 to create, manage, and promote. If you host only 23 webinars annually, your team is spending between $2,300 – $69,000 alone. We’re guessing your budget falls somewhere in the middle. In that case, you better make sure your webinar registration form and page are both optimized to increase signups.

Do you want to have every seat filled for your next one? Keep reading to learn the components of a good webinar signup form. We’ll also share three registration page examples that’ll have people waiting patiently in their virtual seats.

So, what makes a highly-effective webinar registration form, anyways?

Great question!

An unstoppable signup form complements your webinar registration page, giving you the information you need about the event and making it quick and easy to sign up. The two must work together simultaneously to increase conversions.


It’s hard to know the exact formula for a good webinar signup form. There are so many conflicting opinions from experts about length, style, design—it’s easy to overlook how much thought goes into them.  


And if your page doesn’t make the visitor want to join, your sign up form becomes irrelevant. So, let’s begin with the formula visitors need to see on your registration page:


A cool incentive


An incentive motivates your leads to tune into your webinar. As you may know, they are extremely popular, and your audience will invest usually over an hour in them. When targeting B2B professionals, remember that they tend to get 2-3 relevant webinar offers per month; however, busy schedules often get in the way of them signing up for all of them. A prize or a free consultation for select attendees could be the reason yours makes the cut.


Solve an urgent problem


Do you think a countdown timer is the best way to get more signups for your webinar registration form? Usually, it helps, but a better way to increase your number of signups is to create a different type of urgency—one where your team hosts a webinar that addresses a current problem that needs a solution now. For example, during COVD-19 many B2B small businesses were scrambling to decide whether to kill their marketing budgets or to ramp them up. In a crisis, with your expertise, you can be the one to put professionals back in the driver’s seat!


Ultra specific testimonials


Testimonials back up your claims that you get clients’ results. Sometimes, though, testimonials can lack substance or may come across as pretty lame on webinar registration pages. A high-quality testimonial quantifies a customer’s results, shows their beautiful face, and is most impactful when the customer is in similar career fields as your audience. For example, if you’re hosting a webinar about email marketing best practices, grab a quote from a client on how you helped them increase email open rates in the past. 

3 Examples of Absolutely Unstoppable Webinar Signup Forms:

Form #1: Demand Gen Report’s Webinar sign up form

Utilize Auto-complete to Speed Up the Sign Up

Demand Gen Report, a publication for B2B marketing professionals has a stellar webinar registration page example

Demand Gen Report, a publication for B2B marketing professionals, covers the latest marketing topics and launched a series called Buyer Insights and Intelligence which addresses how marketers can flesh out buyer personas in order to develop more engaging content.


Demand Gen Report has an incentive no one would turn down: free food. Each day, they are giving away a free lunch voucher to 150 people! All you have to do is attend and you’re automatically entered in the draw.

Demand Gen Report Has a Great Webinar Registration Form

Their webinar signup form uses autocomplete to fill out four fields, and a dropdown menu for the remaining three. This makes signing up quicker by removing the need to type in the information.

Form #2: Passion Into Profit’s Webinar Registration Page

Get Prospects To Sign Up By Creating a Sense of Urgency

Passion Into Profit has a great webinar registration form

Passion into Profit is a webinar hosted by award-winning blogger Carol Tice and affiliate marketing expert Matt Williams. In their class, the two teach small business owners how to identify, clarify, and refine their passion to build a stronger—and more profitable—audience.


More people are working from home now than ever—and this webinar registration page capitalizes on those who want to urgently start an online business while the gettin’ is good. There are only 100 spots, and both Tice and Williams have built multi-million-dollar work-from-home businesses. Who would dare to pass that up?

Need a great webinar sign up form example?

The webinar registration form is only one field; which means visitors enter their email address and they are in! If you’re willing to forego additional information (or use a lead data enrichment tool to gather personal details) a single field form is ideal. 

Form #3: New Breed Marketing’s Webinar Registration Page Example

Drive Webinar Signups With Awesome Customer Testimonials

Need a good tip on how to create a webinar registration page?

New Breed Marketing is a revenue management firm for the world’s fastest-growing B2B SaaS, IT, manufacturing, and telecommunications companies.


In their webinar, Breaking Down the Basics of Paid Advertising, hosted by their Head of Demand Generation Guido Bartolacci, they aim to help marketing managers set up and manage paid ad campaigns.

New Breed Marketing's webinar registration form

This webinar page example has a detailed testimonial directly below their signup form. This quote is great because Rachel shares her exact return on investment and how many sales qualified leads and customers she received in Q1.

The firm’s one strong point on their webinar registration page is the open field where leads can submit questions to be answered during the event. This is an uncommon feature to include in signup forms but works because it encourages visitors to register and hear their questions answered.


How Lusha’s shorter forms can improve your webinar signups

Out of the three examples above, number 2, the shortest form is the most accommodating. 

Lusha Forms can shrink your webinar sign up form down to a few or just one field. It does so by expanding on a contact’s information from details in its database. This means your visitors will do less typing and make fewer clicks and you may get double the conversion rates!


In short

After reading your webinar registration page, a quick form is the icing on the cake. To create a new form sign up for Lusha Forms.

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