Extensions – What They Do and Why You Want to Try Them

If you’re not already using Chrome extensions, you should be! They are a vital tool in your arsenal, and nowadays, there are quite a few of them out there that promise real results for yielding contact information. When it comes to recruitment and sales, accuracy, reliability and speed of data are the name of the game, and with relative ease, most anyone can enhance simple browsing capabilities with some truly state-of-the-art extensions. Each of these extensions was created to help recruiters, salespeople, and marketing professionals best obtain the background details and contact information of the prospects they aim to reach.

Too Much of a Good Thing

If these extensions are useful, why not add them all to your browser? Beware – multiple extensions can really be too much of a good thing and bog you down in your searches. Experts in the know recommend limiting yourself to one or two excellent extensions. Some of the extensions available seem to overlap as far as their functionality, and it’s essential to know that you’re using the best product out there in order to get the information you need. Being an educated consumer is key, because installing too many extensions will needlessly distract you and slow down your computer, rather than streamline and improve your work. Nobody wants to be slower and less effective at what they do!

Can’t I Just Rely on my Social Networks?

Why not just stick with InMail on LinkedIn? Well, for starters, many LinkedIn users aren’t pleased with the results they get on InMail. A study conducted by the Marks Group found that the response rate users get on InMail is only around 15 percent! InMail is poorly rated by users and involves a frustrating system of obtaining credits that can get costly fast, with weak results. Trying to reach prospects via LinkedIn’s InMail has been shown to require average response rates that are way above what the typical user has been able to obtain. Social networks are simply not cutting it when you want to reach prospects. Extensions are able to boost your communication prowess far more than social networks alone.

Today’s chrome extensions yield significantly better results by bringing clients the information they need in a way that’s faster, more accurate, and definitely superior.

The Study

Recently, Lusha decided to hire a third-party company to run an objective and thorough research study that would yield a critical comparison of eight of the most popular contact-seeking extensions out there. We thought it would be useful to get to the bottom line  and find out how the top extensions compare when it comes to bringing back accurate information about real people in the real world. The extensions that were compared were

  1. Lusha
  2. Connectifier
  3. Prophet
  4. Hunter
  5. FindThatLead
  6. Hiretual
  7. Contactout
  8. JobJet

We believe tremendously in Lusha and felt confident about putting the results out there on the table. The results were not manipulated in any way (in fact, you can find the full results here) as we have nothing to hide. What’s more, we encourage you to compare the different tools as well and let us know what you find. We pride ourselves in bringing you information you can trust, and we won’t provide data we’re not absolutely sure of. Learning from these findings could only help us in our quest to continually improve on our product and bring our users the most reliable information possible.

The study focused on finding contact information for people in three categories of job titles:

  1. Product managers in San Francisco
  2. Investment bankers in New York
  3. Corporate lawyers in London.

Within each category, the first 100 LinkedIn profiles were chosen for performing the test. The results were recorded, and they can be found in full at this link.

The LinkedIn profiles were tested in the study to see how well each extension would yield the following: private emails, work emails, and phone numbers (both personal and corporate). There was also a category for no results (when there was no information at all found in any of the categories for that individual). Of note is that in some cases, the extensions brought back more than one result per person, as with people who had several phone numbers or email addresses, which is why some results add up to more than 100.

The Findings:

Here are the results of the study that detail the top three extensions overall, as well as within each category of contact information:

Most Results Found:

When the study analyzed combined results for lawyers, investment bankers, and product managers, here’s what was found:

Lusha brought back the most results overall, having found contact information for 240 of the 300 contacts tested. After that came JobJet, with 184 results found, and after that, Prophet, which found 106 contacts. These numbers go way beyond InMail’s 15% averages!

Private emails: In this category, JobJet yielded 66 private emails. Hiretual found 62 private emails, followed closely by ContactOut, which found 58 private emails within the sample.

Work emails: Prophet brought back 101 work/other emails as the top performer in this subcategory. After that came FindThatLead, with 87 emails found, and then came Lusha, with 80 emails found.

Phone numbers: Lusha came out way ahead with 117 personal phone numbers within the sample. JobJet followed distantly, with 42 phone numbers found, and third place went to ContactOut, which found 5 phone numbers.

No results: Lusha and Prophet found no result at all for just 5 contacts each, followed by FindThatLead, which found no result for 13 contacts.

Research Conclusions

Lusha was the clear standout of this study, with 676 results found. Afterward came JobJet, finding 471 results, followed by Prophet, with 331 results. These are the top performing extensions you will want to consider for retrieving contact information.

For finding direct phone numbers, Lusha is clearly the frontrunner in the group. For finding private email addresses, JobJet was the winner, and Prophet found the most corporate email addresses.

It was very eye-opening to obtain and study these factual results. Not every plugin out there is created equally, and there is clearly an advantage to clients in using one over the other. By really narrowing it down to pure performance analysis, it’s possible to zero in on what works and what doesn’t.

At Lusha, we know what we’re good at. We’re good at phone numbers and that’s what we consider our main advantage over our competitors. Our clients trust us to give a tremendous boost to their productivity because they’re looking to reach out to contacts via what remains the most direct and personal medium out there today – phone calls. Accessing people by phone in the best way at the right time is what makes you stand out, whether you’re in sales, marketing, recruiting, or any of the fields where getting personal really matters.

Have anything to add? We welcome your input and we’d love to hear from you. Add a comment below or send us an email!

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