If you’re a hardcore Google Chrome user, you’ve probably been tinkering with your browser over the years, adding extensions to make your online experience more enjoyable. Adding extensions for fun is one thing, knowing how to maximize Chrome so that it helps you sell better is another. 

Choosing the right Chrome extensions for sales can transform your daily performance, but many sales reps make the mistake of overloading their browser with dozens of useless extensions that they rarely use and that only slow down their computer and their workflow. If you know the right extensions to add, it only takes a few to get the job done.

Today we’re going to introduce you to some of the best Chrome extensions for sales that you’ll use daily and that are worth a coveted spot in your browser.

Chrome extensions for sales should aid your individual struggles as a rep.

1. Lusha Extension

Lusha Extension is a Chrome extension for sales that sources contact and company information from any B2B website, Gmail, Salesforce, and even from social media platforms like LinkedIn. It solves two of sales reps’ biggest problems when prospecting: finding the right contact and getting accurate data. Lusha Extension always provides updated and correct business and personal email addresses and phone numbers, as well as information about the prospect’s company and role.

With Lusha, no longer will you have to resort to educated guesses like firstname@company.com to find your lead’s business email, or even worse—interrupt someone else at the company to ask for so-and-so’s contact information. 

Aircall, a phone system and call center software, found their sales team was wasting a lot of resources and time when gathering lead data. After switching over to Lusha Extension, their customer information became more precise, the sales team increased their productivity and Aircall reported a 30% increase in demos. Don’t pass up on one of the best Chrome extensions for sales and prospecting!

Pricing: A free option is available; paid subscription starts at $79 per month.

2. TrueMail

TrueMail is an email verification tool for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and more. We’re sure you know what it’s like to happily fire off a bulk email to hundreds of contacts, only to have your inbox flooded over the next few minutes with bounce notifications. It completely throws off your cold email campaign because now you have to spend even more time finding the right contact or an all-new one. TrueMail comes to the rescue by helping you verify if each address is real and still in service before you waste your time sending emails.

Just launch the extension when you’re on a website or in your inbox and it’ll automatically verify emails right then and there. It takes only 5 minutes to verify over 100,000 emails! TrueMail promises up to a 99% delivery rate, and if more than 5% of your emails bounce, they’ll refund your money!

Pricing: A free trial is available; paid subscription starts at $7 per month.

3. RightInbox

The Gmail productivity suite RightInbox is one of the best Chrome extensions for sales around. It lets you do everything from plan and schedule email sequences to be sent later and set follow-up reminders, to track when emails have been opened or a link has been clicked, to create templates and add signatures, gifs and more. What makes RightInbox so great is that it truly boasts a full set of features sales reps need to run a successful email campaign, nurture their leads and craft business emails every single day.

How many email extensions are you currently running? You may have one for tracking open rates, one for creating your signature, another for creating templates… Well, this is one of those times when less is better. Let RightInbox save you time and memory space by doing all of these jobs for you. 

Pricing: A free option is available; paid subscription starts at $7.95 per month.

 Start by writing out the top 3 areas a Chrome extension for sales is needed.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a revolutionary digital writing productivity tool. It looks at everything you type on the web to guarantee that whether you’re speaking to prospects, colleagues, or followers on social media, you have proper grammar, correct spelling, and the right tone and punctuation. It even considers the context to make suggestions on your writing style and word choice. Most salespeople find themselves doing a ton of writing, but most aren’t trained writers or grammarians; with Grammarly, you don’t have to be. 

This Chrome extension for sales eliminates any insecurities you have about your writing. You get real-time notes and corrections to your work whether you’re leaving a comment, writing a proposal, or sending an email. If you haven’t already, invest in the paid version for more extensive error checks and advanced suggestions for your work. It’s worth every penny when you’re communicating with key players at major accounts and there’s no time for careless mistakes.

Pricing: A free option is available; paid subscription starts at $29.95 per month.

5. Salesforce Gmail Integration

Salesforce’s Gmail integration is an email productivity tool that lets you access your Salesforce records right inside your Gmail and Google Calendar. You can view and double-check your lead’s information in your Salesforce CRM before sending an email, create new records and schedule appointments without leaving the page. This saves you time from switching back and forth between tabs and mixing up information. It’s one Chrome extension for sales you don’t want to miss!

The Gmail integration works even better when you use Lusha for Salesforce. It’s like Lusha Extension, but made specifically for Salesforce users; it can bulk enrich the leads that are sitting in your CRM database (yes, all of them—we know you have thousands!). That means if you ever dropped the ball and didn’t properly qualify leads or gathered the wrong data, you can go back, update them and complete their profiles.

Together, these two tools will give you a better idea of how healthy your pipeline is and help you make better lead scoring, routing, and nurturing choices moving forward. 

Pricing: There’s no free option available; it requires a subscription to Salesforce, and pricing starts at $25 per month.

6. SalesWings 

SalesWings is an inbound lead website tracking, scoring and qualification tool. It works like this: for every digital interaction your lead makes, whether they click a link in your email, watch a video, book a demo, open a support ticket, or revisit your website, you’ll be notified. This lets you know what stage (awareness, consideration, decision) your potential customers are at in their buyer’s journey. And once you know where they are, you have a better idea of which tactic to use to move them forward. For example, when you see your lead watches a video, you may push for a demo so they can experience your product or service firsthand. 

You can also create your own lead scoring model and SalesWings will qualify and prioritize leads based on your requirements! For instance, if someone who recently downloaded content from your website is ready for a phone call according to your lead scoring model, SalesWings will automatically rank leads coming in from content downloads as a ‘hot lead’ and signal that it’s the right moment to contact them. 

Pricing: A free option is available; contact a SalesWing vendor for subscription pricing.

Lead tracking and qualification tools are one of the best Chrome extensions for sales you can have.

7. Crystal

Crystal is a really unique Chrome extension for sales: it generates a profile of your customer’s personality. How? By analyzing public data, text on their social media, website, behavioral patterns and applying a dose of artificial intelligence, it learns your lead’s personality and how they communicate with others, summarizing it in a report for you. The average Crystal report has been found to be 80% accurate!

With this tool, you can make a good first impression right off the bat when sending messages, conducting cold calls, or having a meeting with someone. You’ll be armed with hyper-specific suggestions like “Don’t question their abilities” or “Avoid blunt criticism” to guide your conversations and nurture your prospect. When contacting really important leads, the ones who can possibly put hundreds of thousands of dollars or potential millions in your pipeline, you’ll want this tool to give you a competitive edge.

Pricing: A free option is available; a paid subscription starts at $19 per month.

8. Buffer

Buffer is a social media content management, scheduling and automation tool. When joining social media as a salesperson, what’s one of the biggest time constraints you face? Definitely content creation! You don’t know what to say or when to say it, and you end up overthinking or falling short with content that doesn’t resonate with B2B professionals. Still, good content is necessary to nurture leads and build stronger relationships with them. Buffer makes it a snap by giving you a single place to plan and publish your content for multiple social media accounts.

You can plan months ahead and get an overview of what your page will look like, then analyze the performance of your content; whatever hits with your audience, you can create a stockpile of similar content for the month. This saves you time from thinking of new ideas on the fly. If you’re working on a team, Buffer can automatically send your content to someone you trust for approval so you can get a second opinion, have it edited and feel reassured only your best content ideas are being sent out.

Pricing: A free trial is available; paid subscription starts at $15 per month.

9. Dux-soup

Dux-soup is a LinkedIn lead generation Chrome extension for sales. Dux-soup helps you manage your prospects by automating a lot of your activity. But it goes beyond the features you know and love from Sales Navigator; Dux-soup endorses your prospects’ skills, sends auto invites, and takes care of other activities to boost your profile with more engagement. 

Have you ever been in the process of researching a lead, viewed their profile but forgot to connect, come back the next day and forgotten their name? This extension also allows you to keep a list of every viewed profile, tag and make notes on accounts so they’re searchable later. It compliments Sales Navigator and will help you generate more leads and manage connections.

Pricing: A free option available; paid subscription starts at $11.25 per month.

10. Lempod

Lempod is a LinkedIn engagement tool that promises to give your posts a 10x boost in views from real LinkedIn users. Hard to believe, right? We’re used to viral LinkedIn users being people who have way more time to write high-quality content every day than we do as sales reps. 

Lempod’s secret is that it enables you to join or create an engagement pod. Engagement pods are groups of real professionals categorized by industry, location, etc. who will automatically comment, like or share your content to their audiences. This will not only potentially bring in more leads but also kill some of the anxiety around your content going flat and being a waste of time. Lempod increases the chances of new leads seeing and engaging with your content by tapping into more people’s networks. 

Pricing: There’s no free options available; paid subscription starts at $2 a month.

How to choose the right Chrome extension for sales

  • Get rid of redundant tools: If you want to free up your browser space, look through your Chrome extensions now and see if any two or three can be replaced by one that offers a full suite of features. 
  • Be selective: Make sure only the best Chrome extensions for sales make the cut. Remember, you want extensions that you’ll use daily and will reduce time or resources at any touchpoint in your sales process. 
  • Choose your prospecting tool wisely: There are hundreds of product categories in Chrome’s web store for salespeople. If you need to focus on one today, it should be a tool for better prospecting. Since it’s the first step in your sales process, you can make it easier with Lusha Extension; with our extension, you have your lead’s accurate and updated contact details and company information right on the screen. You don’t need to waste time calling or asking anyone for information, and you can get to pitching faster and with more success. Wanna get started? Download Lusha Extension.

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