Aircall's Growth Process

Aircall Finds Lusha an Indispensable Tool for Effectively
Reaching Prospects

Meet Aircall

Aircall, the cloud-based phone system and call center software, empowers sales and support teams to make successful customer calls by providing a complete virtual call center infrastructure from any location. A company can use Aircall to set up a call center, and manage incoming customer support requests, allowing them to boost bookings, streamline customer conversations and increase agent availability. As sales and service depend heavily on authentic, high-quality connections, Aircall selected Lusha to enable the seamless gathering, syncing and storage of up-to-date caller information. Together, Aircall and Lusha created a more comprehensive and accessible information store.

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Voip Collaboration Enterprise Software SaaS
$100-200 million
Paris, France

With the Lusha API up and running, our whole approach to cold-calling has been totally revolutionized.

Jonathan Anguelov

Co-founder & COO

The challenge

The need to rely on accurate and effective data

As the company grows and seeks to expand, the need to rely on accurate and effective background information for prospective clients becomes increasingly vital. “It’s easy to find out who the right contact is in any given company” says Aircall’s Co-founder & COO Jonathan Anguelov, “What’s difficult is getting the right details in order to reach him or her directly. The sales department loses valuable time this way. It’s frustrating and counterproductive.”

  • Need for a method of gathering accurate and effective background information for prospective clients.
  • Existing search methods proved to waste valuable company time and resources.
  • Operational errors adversely affected the foundation of interpersonal trust and client relationships.

How Lusha helped

Enhancing the customer experience

Lusha joined forces with Aircall to fine-tune the company’s information gathering, processing and accessing system. Together, Aircall and Lusha created a solution that would enrich the available details regarding prospective future customers, enhancing the customer experience and saving time and money while eliminating errors. Aircall was able to leverage Lusha’s technical solutions to maximize their relevance to customers and focus on converting the most promising leads.

  • Aircall used Lusha’s API to gather and store precise information about the prospective leads.
  • The Lusha solution provided Aircall with authentic customer information, immediately enriching prospects.
  • The seamless addition of direct phone numbers into Aircall’s CRM enabled sales representatives to directly contact prospective customers.

Growth results

Within a short time, Aircall has increased their business in a targeted and direct manner.

  • Aircall reports a 30% increase in demos, thus converting more leads, generating more business and widening the company’s reach.
  • Sales teams are busier, more focused and productive.
  • Morale has gone up – Reps stay focused, productive, and on-task because they’re getting through to prospects in a way they haven’t been able to before.
  • Aircall can reach the right target immediately. No more getting stuck in a loop within a company’s main line or being bounced around.
  • Better background information on prospective leads has yielded more natural and authentic connections.