Lance Secures 30 SQLs per Quarter
All Thanks to Lusha Extension

with Lance Burnstein Head of Sales

Meet Explorium

Explorium is a global team of data scientists, developers, and business leaders who are driven to define a new category in data science. Explorium’s data science platform helps data experts and business leaders drive decision-making by eliminating the barrier to acquire the right data and enabling superior predictive power. Born out of San Francisco, California, Explorium is driven by a single belief: access to relevant data will define market leaders. Explorium aims to help companies automatically reach the vast world of data and solve their business needs using the most advanced data science and machine learning capabilities.

Number of employees

51 - 100

Main industry


Industry tags

  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software

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Annual revenue range

$50.1 million


Tel Aviv, Israel



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Lusha has paid for itself 10 times over

Of Lusha-found prospects book a demo on the first call

Outbound leads without Lusha

SQL's booked per quarter, all found with Lusha Extension

One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Game-changer”

The Challenge:

Before Lusha, Lance struggled to get ahold of his prospects, losing half of them in the process.

The Solution:

With Lusha Extension, Lance can access his prospects by mobile number and speak to them directly.

Without Lusha, Explorium would have zero outbound leads

Lance Burnstein is Head of Sales at Explorium, a data science platform with an exponential amount of data. Explorium helps companies integrate their internal data with thousands of external sources in order to extract the most relevant features, and power superior machine learning models. Lance is a long term user of Lusha, he says, “The first thing I did when I got to Explorium was tell them to purchase Lusha.” Lance’s sales method is made up almost entirely of outbound cold-calls, “Lusha provides me with the mobile number, office number, and email address, without Lusha there would be zero outbound leads.”Lusha helps Lance source accurate contact information so that he can fill his pipeline with quality leads that convert to SQL’s.

“Out of my 30 SQL’s per quarter, each and every single one of them relied on Lusha to make contact with these prospects.”


Lance converts all of his SQL’s using Lusha

Before Lusha, Lance did not have access to his prospect’s phone numbers, instead, he would have to call a company switchboard, oftentimes encountering gatekeepers who stopped him dead in his tracks. Because of this, “You could guarantee you won’t ever speak with half the people you were trying to reach.” Now, with Lusha Extension, Lance is able to cut through the noise and speak directly to his prospects in order to book more demos and convert leads into SQL’s. Lance says, “out of my 30 SQL’s per quarter, each and every single one of them relied on Lusha to make contact with these prospects.” When asked about Lusha Extension Return on Investment, Lance states “I’ve got SQL targets to reach, without Lusha, our ROI’s are nowhere because I wouldn’t be able to reach my prospects or my targets.” Lance has closed some of Explorium’s large accounts using Lusha Extension, “We’ve closed strategic accounts with Lusha, some of our big deals, so Lusha has paid for itself 10 x times over.”

“We’ve closed some of our biggest deals with Lusha, so Lusha has paid for itself 10 x times over.”

Conversion rates are higher, even during COVID-19

Now more than ever, with most of the world working from home, Lance relies on Lusha Extension to connect him with prospects via mobile numbers. “During COVID, I’m clicking my mouse on Lusha and speaking to the world’s largest C-level executives, booking demos.” Lance uses Lusha to find decision-maker’s phone numbers, numbers he would not have access to without Lusha’s ability to source accurate mobile numbers. When asked about the number of leads he is able to convert with the help of Lusha contacts, he states, “now, the conversion is a lot more effective, and the numbers are greater thanks to Lusha.”

“I send an email to you guys and literally within a couple of minutes, the email is responded to and you guys are on it.”

Lusha provides Lance with instant customer service

Lance will continue to use Lusha not just for its accurate data, but it’s amazing customer service. He says, “The service I receive from Lusha is great, I send an email and within a couple of minutes, the email is responded to and you guys are on it, it’s a pleasure to deal with you guys.” No matter what the problem, Lusha always works fast to respond instantly and remedy the situation for Lance. It is the combination of stellar service and fast, accurate data that will ensure Lance’s long time Lusha loyalty, “I honestly don’t know where I would do without a solution like Lusha, thank you for making my life easier and more successful.”

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