FortuneTech Doubles (x2) Their Weekly Prospects From 40 to 80, With Lusha

fortunetech client picture with Krish Kolluri Director of Sales

About FortuneTech

FortuneTech is a software licensing and consulting firm that sells IT software and integration platforms, to companies in the UK, India, and the UAE. FortuneTech is a dedicated WSO2 provisional value-added reseller and consulting firm with offices in Reading, England, and Hyderabad, India. FortuneTech’s experts help businesses adopt different integration solutions to make their organizations more connected, agile, and future-ready. FortuneTech lets you stay ahead of the curve within an ever-evolving technological landscape. Their aim is to help your organization stay competitive and sustainable within the unpredictable technological world.

Number of employees

10 - 50

Main industry

Information Technology and Services

Industry tags

  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Software Development

Founded in


Annual revenue range

Privately Held


United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Social media


From 40 new leads
per week to 80


Minutes to train
new users


Times more meetings
secured per quarter

One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Winner”

The Challenge

FortuneTech’s SDRs struggled to find the right contact information for their prospects via LinkedIn.

The Solution

Using Lusha Extension fast and accurate LinkedIn prospecting tool, FortuneTech’s SDRs were able to double their lead count.

From struggling to meet weekly lead targets, to doubling them

Krish Kolluri is the Director of Sales at FortuneTech, a software licensing and consulting firm that sells IT software and integration platforms, to companies in the UK, India, and the UAE.

Kolluri has been using Lusha Extension for four years now. Before using Lusha, Kolluri’s research sales team tried securing 40 new leads per week, manually searching for contacts and conducting cold outreach on LinkedIn. “Before Lusha, we never hit any of those targets”, Kolluri notes. Since implementing Lusha Extension, Kolluri’s team has doubled its new lead count, jumping from 40 to 80 new accounts per week. And now, since using Lusha, Kolluri’s team now books 7x times more meetings per quarter.

“People who buy Lusha won’t regret it.”

Sales reps can focus on selling, instead of searching online for prospect contact data

“One thing I always loved about Lusha is the optimization”. Kolluri has been able to optimize and “impact his whole sales cycle”, by implementing Lusha’s prospecting tool, freeing up time for his reps to focus on other stages of the sales cycle such as booking meetings and securing deals. “Before Lusha, my team spent an astronomical amount of time on LinkedIn, searching for who’s who in a company, only to reach a switchboard”. With Lusha Extension, FortuneTech’s sales reps can quickly find direct phone numbers and email addresses of their prospects, bypassing gatekeepers and dead-end switchboards. “With 10-14 sales reps, If I don’t have an intelligence tool like Lusha, I’m just flogging a dead horse.”

“If you are a super proactive cold-calling company, you’ll get fantastic results like us.”

Lusha’s data accuracy crushes its competition

What makes Kolluri a long term fan of Lusha is the accuracy of the phone numbers and emails provided. At his previous company, two teams evaluated Lusha Extension against competing solutions. “We bought a one-month subscription to Lusha and a competing solution, and researched a very specific industry vertical and persona, Lusha was the clear winner and within a week’s time we subscribed to a year with Lusha.” Whereas the competitors’ data was “messy and not so accurate”, Lusha provided accurate and clean contact data, at speed.

“Now, Booking 35 meetings per quarter is easy-peasy with Lusha.”

Training takes 10 minutes, and you can export contacts straight to your CRM

From training employees to exporting contacts to his Hubspot CRM, Kolluri loves how fast and easy it is to use Lusha Extension. “Even for a first time user, if I just train them for 10 minutes, they’re ready to rock and roll”. Kolluri also appreciates Lusha’s Hubspot integration. Kolluri’s team previously wasted hours manually inputting lead details into their CRM, oftentimes mistyping important contact details. “If my reps have built a list of 100 leads, how are they supposed to upload it to a CRM? I’ve got Hubspot, so with Lusha my leads are instantly added”. From download to export, Lusha is time-saving and efficient, which improves Kolluri’s sales funnel and frees up more time to secure meetings and build revenue.

Kolluri and his team are breaking sales targets even during COVID-19

FortuneTech has been “phenomenally successful generating meetings in the last three months despite COVID-19”. With more people working from home than ever, there is a higher chance that prospects can be reached by their mobile devices. Lusha’s accurate contact information means that Kolluri and his team can easily dial their prospect’s personal mobile numbers, and have more business conversations.

“Generating ROI from Lusha is super easy.”

Find your prospects contact information fast, so you can focus on selling

“Lusha’s accurate mobile numbers are the reason that I will stick with Lusha for many years.” All in all, what Kolluri loves about Lusha Extension is that it works. With Lusha, Kolluri and his team find the right prospect contact details. fast. Lusha saves them time which allows Kolluri and his team to focus on booking more meetings and deals. He put it simply, “if you want to win sales, subscribe to Lusha.”