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Tap into 100M+ contacts and easily build accurate lists to turn more prospects into customers.

Over 500,000 sales pros
choose Lusha
to build a more qualified pipeline

List Quickly with Lusha's Sales Prospecting Tool

Build laser-targeted
lists quickly

Use advanced search filters to build an accurate prospect list.

Prospecting Time With Lusha Sales Prospecting Tool

Cut your
prospecting time

Find your ideal customers and target accounts in seconds.

Key Decision Makers with Lusha Sales Prospecting Platform

Reach out to
key decision-makers

Get 110M direct dials and emails to connect with all the right people.

Qualified Meeting with Lusha Sales Prospecting Tool

Book more
qualified meetings

Use your targeted list to book more qualified meetings.

Work in line with CCPA and GDPR

Lusha is ISO 27001 certified, CCPA and GDPR aligned, so you can prospect according to all laws and regulations.

Access the most accurate
prospect data


Business Profiles


Email Addresses


Direct Dials


Company Profiles

Remove the friction.
Maximize sales productivity

Slice and dice any lead data

Search and filter to build more hyper-focused prospect lists.

Bulk enrich prospect lists

Search and reveal up to 150 prospect details in one go.

Saved and recent searches

Access all searches anytime and pick up right where you left off.

Seamlessly integrate to your CRM

Drive more qualified prospects and seamlessly transfer them with direct integrations to your CRM.

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What is Lusha Prospecting Platform?

Lusha’s sales prospecting tool cuts prospecting time and makes outreach simple. Find quality leads and easily build accurate lists to target your ideal customers. Save time and win more sales using Lusha’s B2B prospecting tool.