Why are Sales Podcasts So Popular?

Well for one reason, they allow you to multitask. Unlike reading about sales or watching a video, you can learn while doing low-level tasks, eating lunch, or on your drive to work. Sales reps are already strapped for time, with 40% of their day spent on looking for someone to call alone. A five-minute podcast episode could teach you how to cut that time in half!

It seems like every sales leader and their mom has a sales podcast, right?! If you don’t know where to start, make a list of what you need to improve on (prospecting or goal setting, for example) and start looking for a show on that topic. Read along for 20 of the best B2B sales podcasts and what to expect when you tune in.

20 Sales Podcasts For Movers and Shakers

1. Make it Happen Mondays

John Barrows is an entrepreneur and sales trainer who has created custom programs for clients including Salesforce and LinkedIn. In the sales podcast Make it Happen Mondays, Barrows gives us access to his impressive network of account executives, SDRs, sales leaders, CEOs, and more, for insider tips on how to close more deals. Episodes are weekly and usually under an hour long. 

Make it Happen Mondays B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: “Tim Harsch on Timing and Relevance in Prospectingexplores how Barrows and the CEO of Owler use the app to stay ahead of the competition, making more connections and booking more meetings through prospecting.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher


2. The SDR Chronicles with Morgan Ingram

Morgan Ingram shares his inspiring journey from SDR to Director of Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training. The SDR Chronicles explores the mindset an SDR needs in order to be able to move on from the role within one to two years. It’s full of advice that’s worth its weight in gold, such as how to find your perfect mentor, how to deal with feeling insecure around colleagues, and ways to impress your boss – like simply starting work early. Episodes are 30 minutes or less and it really is one of the best sales podcasts.

The SDR Chronicles B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: Weak Introductions vs. Powerful Introductions gives three powerful ways reps can establish value immediately in a cold call.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Google Podcasts


3. Predictable Prospecting 

If you’re always unsure about where your next lead is going to come from, Predictable Prospecting, hosted by Marylou Tyler, is all about creating consistent sources that bring in a steady stream of qualified leads each month. Diverse experts explain how they seize the moment and move their qualified lead to a quick close. 

After the show, try adding Lusha Extension to your tech stack: it’s a B2B lead enrichment tool that locates your prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers and also delivers company data like industry verticals, annual revenue, and employee headcount. Without the right email finder tool, it’s harder to build high-value lists, get your messages into their inbox, and close big-ticket clients. 

Just half an hour, Predictable Prospecting is the best B2B sales podcast that focuses solely on prospecting.

Predictable Prospecting B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: “Adding Value vs. Helping a Prospect with Michael Pedone is an eye-opening discussion about the difference between value and help, and when to use each.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Stitcher


4. INSIDE Inside Sales

Host Darryl Praill is Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, a sales enablement platform. This B2B sales podcast offers strategies and tactics that are perfect for beginner inside sales professionals, like how to speak with prospects calmly and not overwhelm them with information and how to properly diagnose their pain points and move quickly into a demo or presentation. Each episode is just half an hour long but jam-packed with actionable advice.

INSIDE Inside Sales B2B Prospects

Standout episode: In “Adapt or Die”, Praill meets with Rob Jeppsen to discuss how to surf the ever-changing waves in sales, predict when changes are going to happen, and pivot quickly.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts


5. Sales Babble

Sales Babble is a unique sales podcast for non-sellers. Host Pat Helmers is a coach who aims to train staff with zero sales experience who work at small to medium-sized businesses on how to sell with more confidence. Most episodes come in around the 30-minute mark and focus heavily on self-discipline, positive mindset, and accountability. 

Sales Babble B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode:Slow Down to Speed Up” with Amy Dordek addresses burnout and how sales reps can strategically cut their workload down while still reaching their goals.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Google Podcasts


6. Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy’s Jeb Blout wants you to start dreaming bigger in sales. Instead of your usual 10 deals per month, Blount wants you to close 20. Instead of going after low-hanging fruit, he teaches you how to gain the chutzpah to go after the big dogs, so you can sit back and watch your largest commissions just roll in! Best of all, this fifteen-minute sales podcast is short enough to listen to in the morning while your brain is still warming up.

Sales Gravy B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode:When You Are Coachable People Will Invest in You with Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts talks about the psychology behind people choosing to invest in you, and how to become a teachable salesperson.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Google Podcasts



7. Sales Pipeline Radio

This is one of the best B2B sales podcasts about finding and managing leads. Sales Pipeline Radio with Matt Heinz covers demand generation, lead management, technology, and everything else relating to your pipeline’s health. There are two to three half-hour episodes every month.

Sales Pipeline Radio B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode:Remote Selling Best Practices from the King of Saleswith Jeffrey Gitomer challenges listeners to face their fear and go live on social media. 

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts


8. The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling

Brian Burns is the creator of The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling podcast and shares his “maverick method” for complex sales. The method helps you control every stage of the buying process, customize your selling process for each product, and downplay your competitors. It’s one of the best sales podcasts if you’re looking for new approaches and ideas in half an hour or so.

The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: In “The 3 Secrets to Winning Large Complex Sales” a sales rep with 25 years’ experience explains the simple way to closing complex sales.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Stitcher


9. Social Pros Podcast

Created by Convince & Convert, Social Pros Podcast is a wonderful sales podcast for teams who create original lead-nurturing content on social media. In 40 minutes or less, they will bring you up to date on the latest social media platforms, review current trends you could exploit to create a buzz around your content, and explain how to get more engagement and conversions online. 

Social Pros Podcast B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: Why Live Streaming is Both Easier and Harder Than You Think examines live streaming best practices and how to come across as more authentic. 

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Spotify


10. B2B Growth Show

What’s great about this sales podcast is that it focuses heavily on account-based marketing. Discover the right way to target multiple stakeholders in a single account, learn ABM tactics to use on LinkedIn for free, get book recommendations, and listen to analysis on what holds companies back in the world of ABM. Lessons are released several times per week and are usually under 30 minutes long. 

B2B Growth Show B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: 5 Reasons ABM is Not for You will help you decide if an ABM strategy is a good fit for your company. 

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts


11. The Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast is the longest-running sales podcast in history, and if you take a look at their content you will see why. Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale will take you from everyday survival to thriving in your sales career and building long-term close relationships with both decision-makers and colleagues. 

With 700+ shows to keep you busy, episodes are around 20 minutes in length and take a lighthearted, humorous approach to teaching. 

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Standout episode: In “I’m a Loser Baby…” the hosts dissect an email from a listener who feels uninspired at their current job and gives advice on what to do when you’re not growing at the pace of your company.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts, Website | Google Podcasts


12. Same Side Selling

Ian Altman is a former CEO who’s on a mission to help sales organizations become modernized and grow revenue. Same Side Selling is about communicating while stressed, finding business opportunities during slow seasons, and learning to sell during a crisis. Do you know what can also help you during Covid-19 and remote work? Keeping your CRM database up to date with the right contact info and company details. Using a solution like, Contacts API to bulk-enrich your entire CRM ensures your prospect’s email addresses and phone numbers are fresh, so you can engage and connect with them direvtly. Expect to invest 25-30 minutes in each episode. 

Sales Side Selling

Standout episode: In the episode Surviving the Jackassery in Your World Alison Stratton goes over her latest book about how to deal with the worst people at work, online, and at home.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts |Stitcher | Google Podcasts


13. In the Arena

Sales floors have always been likened to battlefields. Tune in to the In the Arena podcast and Anthony Iannarino will coach you to play offense, not defense, with tough prospects and make the first move at every stage of the sales process. Each 45-minute episode brings you closer to completing the transformation into a more confident, self-assured person.

In the Arena B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode:The Person Who Comes After The Person You Are Now” is a motivational episode reminding you that you can still reach your full potential even after a series of failures. 

Streaming: RadioLine | Stitcher 


14. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker was created by Sam Jacobs for both beginners and veterans. The show covers topics like lead generation, sales enablement, sales hiring, CRM, sales operations, social selling, account-based selling, psychology, and technology; all from some of the world’s most renowned CEOs, executives, and leaders. Episodes range from a short and snappy 5 minutes to a more in-depth 40 minutes long. 

Sales Hacker

Standout episode:Tips for Building a Diverse Team” with Wes Ulysse discusses the importance of hiring diverse personalities and managing them to increase success. 

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | WebsiteGoogle Podcasts


15. Coach The Sales

One of the best B2B sales podcasts for leaders and managers, Coach The Sales is a great resource on how to become a better teacher, adopt high-performance habits, learn empathy, guide your junior sales reps, hire and onboard the right people, and much more. Episodes are around 40 minutes, perfect for a long commute.

Coach The Sale

Standout episode: “The Habits of High-Performance Sales Leaders” paints a picture of a run-of-the-mill sales pro and tells you how to avoid becoming one.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts 


16. Catalyst Sale Podcast

In each episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast, Mike Simmons and Jody Maberry get to the bottom of a big subject like project management or goal setting and show you how to think about it in a new way. Shows run for an average of 20 minutes. 

Catalyst Sale

Standout episode: The Importance of Saying ‘I Don’t Know’” goes over the right way to admit when you’re unsure about something to prospects and customers.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Google Podcasts


17. Conversations With Women in Sales

Conversations With Women in Sales with Barb Giamanco empowers women to move up in their careers, make themselves more visible online, creating original content, and build strategic partnerships to become a leader. Each 30-minute episode features a different guest and tons of practical advice for reps of all levels.

Conversation with Women in Sales

Standout episode: Why it’s Okay to Be a Big A** Failure” with Ashley Zagst aims to remove the stigma of failing and wants women to start learning from their setbacks and turning them into comebacks.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts


18. Sales Success Stories

If you’re feeling down, Sales Success Stories is the best sales podcast for inspiration. Learn how pros got started, picked an industry, got hired, found a mentor, made their first sales, grew their career, and made their money! This is a career-focused sales podcast that everyone should have on their list. You’re sure to find someone you can relate to. This one is for the weekends when you have a good 40 minutes to an hour to get inspired.

Sales Success Stories

Standout episode: Sprinklr’s Top SDR, Millie Gulley – Show Up For Yourself” tells the story of a rep who got promoted to an account executive position and how she did it.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts


19. Sell or Die

Jeffrey Gitomer and sales expert Jennifer Gluckow teach you how to become an overachiever in sales: revamping your sales process, networking more effectively, and building a personal brand. Both hosts drill down into the detail and ask the most insightful questions to their guests. Shows last between 15 minutes and an hour.

Sell or Die B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: Expertise and Reputation Development for Client Attraction is an excellent sales podcast that covers the importance of your personal brand and how to get your name praised to earn referrals.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Google Podcasts


20. The Sales Evangelist 

Donald Kelly wants every sales rep to earn six figures in their career. If you’re not yet, The Sales Evangelist will set you on the right track to closing bigger deals and changing your mindset. Shows usually fall into the categories of prospecting, goal setting, motivation, and productivity. In under 30 minutes, you can get buckets of quality information on how to revolutionize your career and supercharge your income by filling your sales pipeline with high-value leads, through better research and connection with prospects.

The Sales Evangelist B2B Sales Podcast

Standout episode: When a Deal Doesn’t Close, How Long Should I Wait Before Re-Engaging the Prospect with David Perry gives advice on how to handle the grey area between a deal falling through and your next attempt with a prospect.

Streaming: Apple Podcasts | Website | Stitcher


 Tips for listening to podcasts

  • Find the right time to listen: Sales podcasts should be consumed when you’re most alert so you can digest the information. Make sure there’s no big task or event lurking around the corner. 
  • Don’t listen to entire episodes: The best sales podcasts have transcripts where you can skip around the conversation and find what you want to listen to. You’ll learn more if you only focus on what you need to learn and discard the rest.
  • Take action immediately: If a show tells you one of the best ways to generate qualified leads is to get a better email finder tool, your next step should be to search for what you need. Lusha Extension is an email finder extension tool that is always there to enrich your leads when you’re prospecting on social media and websites.

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