Imagine prospecting without an email finder tool today. Hunched over your desk, tediously jumping between tabs for 20 minutes working on a single lead. That nightmare is the reality for some SDRs, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

Sales teams that bring in 101-200 opportunities each month achieve revenue goals 96% of the time. If you’re prospecting without the right prospecting tools, that number may drop down to as little as 28%. The best email finder tools can give you hundreds of contacts in seconds, help you increase the reach of your campaigns, and add enough prospects to your pipeline. 

It’s a no-brainer. If your current software is delivering duds, test out these 5 tools that have an accuracy rate of 90% or more!

Email finder tools are software that sources publicly shared addresses.

What is an email finder tool?

An email finder tool is software that locates and can verify business email addresses that have previously been made public online. The tool looks at the HTML on company websites, social media pages, and all across the web, in order to find as many reliable sources as possible, maximizing the accuracy of the result. Email finder tools automate prospecting as they can allow salespeople to view contact details while they’re on a webpage or upload a list of hundreds or even thousands of leads and get contact data for each of them in minutes, slashing the time they have to spend manually searching through the internet. 

Get Accurate Leads,
Emails & Phone Numbers

Simple to set up. Easy to use. Powerful integtations.

Why do you need one for sales?

Both sales and marketing teams all rely on email finder tools for the success of their campaigns. Without these tools, it’s so much harder to:

  • Gather marketing qualified leads (MQLs): MQLs are leads who have previously expressed an interest in your product or service and are therefore super valuable. Without the right address for them, you might be missing out on a B2B lead that’s on the cusp of becoming sales-ready!
  • Build high-value lists: If you’re launching a new sales or marketing campaign, building a high-value list is important, simply because they can make you more money! This is especially true when implementing an account-based marketing strategy and targeting a group of accounts most likely to generate the most revenue. Without an email address, even if Bill Gates is on your list, you won’t get anywhere. 
  • Reduce bounce rates: When your emails bounce, it can mean your address is invalid, you’ve been entered into spam filters, there’s been a temporary rejection from the server, your sender reputation is low, or something else technical has happened. It’s hard to tell at first. If you’re using an email finder tool worth its salt, you can cross invalid addresses off your list and find the real reason you’re getting so many bounced emails.

Email finder tools: it’s a love-hate relationship

What you’ll love

Everyone loves a free sample. The best email finder tools will always give you some contact information on the house. A free trial or limited plan will give sales teams the opportunity to test the accuracy, speed of results, and other features. In addition, tools can provide you with multiple email addresses, especially if the decision-maker has roles at more than one company; you’ll receive more than one chance to get your message into their inbox.

What you’ll hate

The best email finder tools for B2B sales teams know how important time, money, and energy is when prospecting. They understand the amount of software an SDR may be juggling and want to make the process easier by delivering more than just an email. You’ll hate it when your tool doesn’t deliver firmographics on your lead because then you have to use other software to find that data. Also, some tools still charge for inaccurate land unverified contact data emails or numbers which is wasted money and time down the drain.

5 Awesome email finder tools to find and enrich prospects

1. Anymail Finder

Have you tried searching for a lead when you don’t remember their name? Impractical, right? Wrong! With Anymail Finder, you can locate a lead by typing in their job title alone. The email finder tool promises to always verify email addresses against servers and will only charge for ones that they’re 97% sure will not bounce. 

A reliable email finder tool will have an accuracy rate of 90% or more.

You can upload a list of leads and check how many verified emails there are for free. Best of all, you can opt-out of subscribing to Anymail Finder—yes, you read that right—if you have only one file to upload you can just pay a one-time fee.

Pricing: Free trial includes 90 emails; paid option starts at $49 per month. 

2. is one of the best email finders for sales outreach and business development. You can search for contact details by domain, company profile, social media profile, and by first and last name. When you have little knowledge of your lead, does the heavy lifting for you to find their email address

They have a built-in email verifier and according to tests, the bounce rate for data is between 1.72% and 3.75%.

The best email finders need to provide you with 90% accuracy

Do note that if your plan includes 1,000 credits per month and you only use 500, the remaining credits will not roll over to the following month. 

Pricing: 50 free monthly leads upon registration; paid plans start at $39/month.

3. Lusha Extension

Lusha Extension is an email finder that delivers accurate contact and company data like emails, phone numbers, headquarter location, a list of leadership personnel, annual revenue, industry verticals, and more. What makes Lusha Extension one of the best email finder tools on the block is its stellar hit rate, with real-time verified email addresses, allowing you to reach the majority of your campaign list. 

You need an email finder tool to increase the reach of your campaigns.

Data is transferred straight into your CRM and automatically updates in real-time so you’ll never have to go back and refind contact details after your leads have left the company.

Pricing: 5 free monthly contact credits; paid plans start at $79 per month.

4. Hunter is an email finder tool that allows people to find the addresses of any decision-maker by using their full name and domain. You’ll receive your contact’s job title, a photo, and the most common email format used in the organization. The app will give the result a confidence score, and if a green light pops up it means there’s a 90-95% chance of it being deliverable. If Hunter is not sure about an address, it’ll still give you an educated guess.

Email finder tools need to find you decision maker details easily

Use Hunter through the web app, as a Chrome extension, directly inside Google Sheets, or as a way of bulk-enriching lists.

Pricing: Free plan starts at 25 searches per month; paid begins at $49 per month. 

5. Contacts API

Contacts API is a bulk-enrichment application that populates your entire CRM system with personal and company data and updates it in real-time. This is one of the best email finder tools for prospecting. Salespeople spend a huge amount of time hunting for leads internally so your database should always be fresh, otherwise gaining repeat business or re-engaging old prospects would be close to impossible.

The best email finder tools easily syncs with your CRM and updates all the contact data in real time.

Within minutes you’ll not only have an email, but upwards of 37 data points including location, annual revenue, and social media links, all recorded in your CRM. It’s a must-have tool if your sales team wants to do more internal prospecting with old leads.

Pricing: 5 free monthly contact credits; custom plan 

The best email tools have 90% accuracy or higher

Key takeaways on the best email finder tools

Find a tool with a minimum 90% accuracy rate to increase the reach of your campaigns and lower the amount of bounced emails.

Avoid software that charges for leads when emails are inaccurate. It’s a waste of your time and budget. 

Run Lusha Extension on your browser to harvest more than just email addresses and start prospecting like a pro. You’ll get 5 free email addresses on sign-up.

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