If you manage a team or work with a team who dedicates a lot of time and effort to prospecting, then you know how challenging it can be to gain complete transparency and clarity into their prospecting processes and credit usage. At the end of the day, you can’t improve what you can’t measure, right? You may be left with questions you just can’t find the answers to, such as:

  • Who is actually using Lusha from the team or company?
  • Who are they targeting? What leads are they looking for?
  • What does their credit usage look like? What are the most successful sources?

And we’re left answering questions like: how could we make it possible for our users to get the data they need to create solid internal benchmarks and more?

First come the insights, then come the sales

We’re excited to introduce usage analytics. Usage analytics enables admins and users to monitor their team’s Lusha credit activity, including top insights into team performance and Lusha usage, understand their teams’ needs better, how they are interacting with Lusha, make benchmarks for Lusha usage, and optimize credit allocation accordingly to reach KPIs.

Found on the Lusha dashboard, usage analytics includes the following main elements:

  • Usage overview

Usage overview

  • Credit usage breakdown
  • Revealed contacts top parameters

In the next section, we’ll break down these main elements to demonstrate the total value they can provide you with:

Usage overview

  • Credits used: Discover the total number of credits used by any user or group of users over past X number of days

Usage overview credit used

  • Saved contacts: Discover the total number of saved contacts by any user or group of users and where contacts are being stored

Usage overview saved contacts

  • Collected details: Discover the total number of details collected by any user or group of users with the option to see the breakdown according to data format (phone, direct email, work email)

Credit usage

credit usage

Overview: Uncover Lusha credit usage by month and create benchmarks to ensure everyone meets their quota.

Remember that maximum credits used is the maximum number of contacts revealed and potential opportunities uncovered!

credit usage by source

Source: Discover which source(s) is bringing in the most successful leads and push your team’s effort to that specific source(s).
credit usage by user

By user: Find out how often you and your team are really utilizing Lusha credits and create benchmarks and targets based on credits:success ratio.

credit usage parameters

Revealed contacts top parameters

This is definitely one of our favorite parts of this new feature!

Here, you can expose your ideal customer profile and easily find more targeted contacts based  on your search activity and past revealed contacts.

Remember, every data you can use, leverage, and apply to create valid benchmarks for you and your team will only lead to greater success. Lusha’s usage analytics has been created to do just that, give you sought out answers to your most important prospecting questions.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely try out this fantastic new feature today!

Get started with usage analytics


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