Bradley closes 25% more deals, thanks to Lusha’s contact data

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The deVere Group is an independent financial advisory firm, specializing in creating customized financial solutions for international investors, expatriates, global individuals and businesses  since 2002. Safeguarding the assets of over 80,000 clients in over 100 countries and in excess of over $10 billion in total managed assets, deVere Group is at the forefront of its industry. With the help of personal financial advisors, the deVere Group offers an array of financial solutions, such as FATCA, retirement planning, education planning, and more.

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One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Access”

The Challenge

After finding potential customers on LinkedIn, Bradley’s challenge was making contact. With 5% response rates to InMail messages, Bradley’s outreach efforts were stalled and many times reached a dead end when trying to reach out. During Corona – it became even more difficult to speak to prospects 

The Solution

Using Lusha on Linkedin, Bradley is able to quickly locate and source potential customers’ direct dial information. From there, Bradley is able to reach out, make contact and add leads to his pipeline, resulting in 25% more closed deals.

“My key KPIs are based on meetings booked, and the outcome of those meetings.”

Before Lusha, Outreach Took Way Too Long

Bradley, a Business Development Consultant is responsible for finding new leads and creating a pipeline of interested candidates for deVere Group Australia. Using his ideal customer profile, Bradley searches for prospects in LinkedIn, but often would hit a roadblock during his outreach efforts.

Oftentimes, he’d InMail prospects with few replies, or begin a lengthy sales cycle – having to pitch prospects through InMail, wait for interested replies, and then ask for a prospect’s phone number to continue followup. Bradley often found himself trapped on LinkedIn, reaching dead ends during his prospecting efforts.

As someone who is professionally measured on sales qualified leads, meetings booked vs. performed and overall pipeline generated – having access to a steady stream of available prospects, without the barriers of InMail – is key to the success of Bradley’s work.

Want to close 25% more deals?

Sales Cycles Fly By Thanks to Lusha

Now thanks to Lusha, Bradley is able to make the sales cycle go faster – quickly reaching out to prospects by telephone, qualifying them, and moving them to the next stage of the sales cycle.

“In sales, if you get a hold of a prospect by telephone it’s far more effective, rather than emailing or InMailing, typing an email, waiting for them to reply and getting back to them again, asking for their numbers. It’s just a much quicker sales process with Lusha.”

Since using Lusha, Bradley has significantly increased his pipeline – seeing an uplift of 50% more prospects.

“I’ve been able to reach 50% more prospects than I was prior to using Lusha.”

No more Dead End Emails and InMails

With Bradley seeing 50-60% accurate contact data for direct dials, Bradley is able to escape the dead end of emails and InMails that just don’t seem to get answers. With Lusha, Bradley is able to quickly reach a decision maker, speak to them about deVere Group’s financial services, and book meetings with interested prospects.

25% Higher Close Rates Thanks to Lusha

In addition to 50% more prospects reached and meetings books – Bradley is extremely satisfied with the end results – boasting 25% more closed deals since using Lusha.

“Lusha has increased my closed deals by 25% and I’ve recommended it widely amongst colleagues.”