Ever wonder how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn faster? If you’ve ever been guilty of spending an embarrassing amount of time scouring the platform for contact info, you know it snatches away time you could be spending selling and nurturing leads. 

In our experience, your struggles with finding contact details most likely come down to one of these reasons: you’re unaware of the different methods to extract emails; you haven’t invested in the right tools; or you only use one method, and if it doesn’t work—you give up.

Salespeople should take no longer than 10 minutes to find one or even hundreds of emails from a LinkedIn profile or lead list. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn.

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When Looking for a Single Email

1. Three places emails can hide in plain sight on LinkedIn
Checking someone’s profile thoroughly is crucial when learning how to find people’s email on LinkedIn. Still, sales reps tend to overlook a few obvious spots on a profile that could reveal contact details. Before you resort to more advanced methods, knock these off your list first.

How to get someone’s email from LinkedIn? Check the contact info section first.

1. The ‘Contact info’ section
See that sneaky ‘Contact info’ link just below the headline? In this section, the user decides what information they want to share about themselves. You’ll sometimes find not only an email address hiding in this section but also their company website, other social media links, phone number, and more. This is your best bet in how to find people’s email on LinkedIn without using a prospecting tools like Lusha Extension. 

2. The banner picture
No luck in Contact info? Take a look at the person’s banner. More and more B2B professionals are investing in high-quality banners and placing their contact info inside their LinkedIn profiles for non-connections to see.

3. Their LinkedIn bio
Before you give up, check inside their bio. It’s typical for users to add their contact details at the end of their bio as a call to action. 

This process should take seconds, but you often run into a problem: not every decision-maker wants their email public. Why? To put a limit on the number of sales pitches they get. So do you know how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn when they don’t want you to have it? We’ll go over that next.

2. Download a LinkedIn email extraction tool with good hit rates 

When figuring out how to get someone’s email from LinkedIn, the next step every salesperson should take is to grab an email extractor tool for their browser. You might have already tested out a few or keep a couple tools in rotation, but you can save yourself time by choosing an email extractor that gives you a good hit rate (the percentage of times it’s successful at retrieving an email address) and more valuable information to work with.

Use an email extraction tool when learning how to find peoples emails on LinkedIn.

Lusha Extension, a B2B lead enrichment tool, is a free Google Chrome extension that extracts the emails (and personal phone numbers) from LinkedIn profiles while you’re on the site. It’s super easy to use; just download the extension, then when you’re on LinkedIn, a small icon will appear in the top right corner. When you want to extract an email, click the icon and you’ll be given their contact info—just like that! For example, say you want to get in touch with PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. Just click that little icon and in seconds you have his work and private email; two phone numbers; plus a ton of information about his job role, company revenue, employee size, company location and more. 

What makes Lusha Extension so special is that it does have a high hit rate at 70%. Tell us if this experience sounds familiar: you start with email finder tool #1, and quickly get “Cannot find contact.” So you try email finder #2. “Cannot find contact.” Thankfully, you have 3-4 tools, so you might get the email address eventually. Ready for a change? With one of the highest hit rates and accuracy rates, Lusha Extension maximizes your chances of finding all the info you need in one place. Plus, the additional company info it provides helps you tailor your prospecting and outreach when it’s time to message them.

Lusha Extension also allows you to push your prospects’ contact information straight to your CRM of choice (and your list of choice), this is going to speed up your prospecting process, and keep your CRM tidy.

Finally, don’t forget to use an email verification tool to double-check if the email is still in service. TrueMail is one of the top email verification tools for sales reps that you can use while on LinkedIn. 

3. You’ll hate this one, but… make an educated guess

Okay, so, the other two methods didn’t work; don’t fret. It’s time to try a technique that most reps absolutely hate (and rightfully so). That’s right; we’re talking about guessing the email format of your lead and entering it into an email verification tool to see if you got it right. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Follow the common format: Go to their current company’s page on LinkedIn and find another employee to extract an email from. Once you’ve gotten their email, pay close attention to the format. For example, if it’s johnsmith@company.com, you can predict your lead’s email will follow the same format.
  • Try every format you can think of: If you can’t find a common email format among other employees, then your second move is to just guess random formats until you get one right. Unfortunately, just to make things hard for us, companies may use different email formats across different departments. So keep plugging these formats into your verification tool until you get one right.

Business email formats:

    • john@company.com
    • johnsmith@company.com
    • john_smith@company.com
    • john.smith@company.com
    • jsmith@company.com

Note that there are many more possibilities, and sometimes you’ll even get nicknames in a business email. For example, if their name is Joseph and that isn’t turning anything up, try ‘joe’ instead.

When Looking for Emails in Bulk

1. Extract emails from first-degree connections 

Did you know that LinkedIn allows you to extract data from all your first-degree connections at once, including their contact info? This method involves downloading your contacts archive and enriching your leads in bulk.

How to download your contacts archive

1. Log into your account and click on Settings & Privacy.

2. You’ll end up on the “How LinkedIn uses your data” page; click on “Get a copy of your data,” and you’ll receive a spreadsheet of your connections with their public information within 24 hours.

How to find people’s emails on LinkedIn? Your first degree connections are the easy place to start.

Once you have your spreadsheet ready, you’ll have some emails available, but not all of them. So you’ll need to enrich your contacts in bulk. This is where the Lusha API comes into play. With the tool, you can bulk enrich thousands of your contacts after transferring leads and accounts to your CRM database.

2. Export account and lead information from Sales Navigator to your Salesforce CRM

Now if you’re a Salesforce and Sales Navigator user, you might be wondering, “How do I find people’s emails on LinkedIn in bulk and improve my CRM?” Sales Navigator already allows you to sync the two tools, but how can you improve your selling? Here’s the answer.

 1. First, you need to create a lead list. We recommend always using Sales Navigator’s advanced search features to get more precise results.

 2. Then, sync all your connections between Sales Navigator and Salesforce.

3. Once all your leads are in your Salesforce CRM, you can further enrich thousands of accounts or contacts using Lusha for Salesforce. You can update one list at a time or all current leads in your database.

Do you ever have trouble nurturing old leads? Are you unsure if they’re still at the company or if their contact has changed? Lusha for Salesforce automatically updates the contact and company data in your CRM as soon as it changes. This gives you a more comprehensive view of your leads and accounts and helps you spot more characteristics in customers to help you sell better.

Key takeaways on how to get someone’s email from LinkedIn

  • Try every method: In the words of every inspirational speaker known to man, never give up. Learning how to find someone’s email from LinkedIn requires testing different methods and seeing which is fastest for you and your team.
  • Sometimes bulk enrichment is quicker: Are you a salesperson trying to find every email one by one? We hope not. Gather up leads and accounts into lists, then enrich them in bulk in your Salesforce or other CRM to save hours of manual searching.
  • Invest in better email extraction tools: Not only do sales reps need a LinkedIn email extractor tool to find contacts in 10 minutes or less, they need one that gives you the highest chance of receiving an email. Nothing is more infuriating than a tool that gives you “No contact found” several times in a row. Lusha Extension has an average hit rate of 70%, which will speed up the process and knock out multiple extraction tools clogging your browser.


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