Thayer Quadruples (x4) His Contact
Rates with Lusha Extension

with Thayer Selleck Account Manager

Meet Insight Global

Insight Global is an industry-leading staffing and talent solutions firm with 58 offices across North America. Insight Global has helped over 2,000 clients find the right people for their business, resulting in more than 15,800 successful job placements since the start of COVID-19. Their Shared Values and strong company culture are the centerpieces of their business, with a mission to empower people to grow personally, professionally, and financially so that they can “Be the Light” to the world around them.

Number of employees

1001 - 5000

Main industry

Human Resources

Industry tags

  • Recruiting
  • Staffing Agency

Founded in


Annual revenue range

Privately Held


Atlanta, Georgia


United States

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There is a definite ROI on the paid plans

More conversion rate thanks to Lusha

Increase in contact rate thanks to Lusha Extension

One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Efficiency”

The Challenge:

Before Lusha Extension, Thayer’s biggest problem was reaching his contacts via phone.

The Solution:

Now with Lusha Extension, Thayer is able to quickly source his prospect’s contact details, reach out and instantly speak to a decision-maker.

Thayer uses Lusha Extension to pitch Hiring Managers

Thayer Selleck is an Account Manager at Insight Global, the third-largest tactical staffing agency in the United States. Insight Global staffs across a number of industries including Technology, Finance, Government, and more, with Thayer focused on the Technology division. His job is to find clients, develop relationships, and service their staffing needs. Thayer uses Lusha Extension to source mobile numbers and create more business opportunities with hiring managers. “I started investing in Lusha’s paid plan when I started seeing success, and how much money and opportunity I was missing without it.”

“The hardest part of my job is cold calling and getting in touch with the right people. Now with Lusha, I have a way in.”

Bypass switchboards and connect directly with decision-makers

Thayer’s daily workflow is centered around cold-calling. “We need to get in front of the right people and the right stakeholders. My biggest challenge is finding a client’s phone number.” Previously, Thayer was unsuccessful in reaching his prospects, constantly getting stuck at dead-end switchboards, which was time-consuming and rarely led him to the correct decision maker. “Your conversion rates are lower when you’re relying on switchboards. I knew I needed to invest in platforms that provided me with personal information.” Thayer uses Lusha Extension to superpower his prospecting tech stack, and to reach the right stakeholder, close deals, and fulfill his clients’ staffing needs. Thayer measures conversion rate by whether or not he is given the correct mobile numbers. “I’ve seen a great conversion rate with Lusha, getting through to the right contact with the phone numbers you provide.”

“Before Lusha, my conversion rate took 10x times more time.”

Thanks to Lusha, Thayer lands major clients like IBM

Thayer has landed very impressive accounts, many of which he can attribute to Lusha-found contact information. He states, “Recently, my biggest win with Lusha is my success working with IBM.” When asked about this process of connecting with IBM decision-makers, he says, “IBM has no phone numbers online, my only option was to find cell phone numbers, so I grabbed Lusha and found my way in. We now support IBM.” Despite the struggles of COVID-19, Thayer had his most successful sales months ever, using mobile numbers to reach stakeholders at home and build relationships over the phone.

“My contact rate is up by 4 x times from 5% to 20% using Lusha Extension.”

Thayer loves Lusha’s quick and helpful support

Something that Thayer truly appreciates is Lusha’s friendly customer service. “You have a very intuitive website, and your customer service is great.” In the past, when Thayer had questions about his account, he “got immediate support across the board.” A Lusha representative recently helped Thayer change his plan to help him save him money, by switching to a lower price-plan with less credits. Thayer values Lusha’s ability to, “understand a customer’s pain points, and willingness to satisfy these pain points and beat out the rest of the competition.” After quadrupling his contact rates in his first year of using Lusha, Thayer is looking forward to smashing more sales goals in the future.

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