For Vaibhav, Lusha + Sales Nav = hitting quota every time

with Vaibhav Gupta BDR for APAC and ANZ

About VWO

VWO is a website optimization platform, catering to SMBs, midmarket and enterprise customers. They offer a platform to perform A/B tests, multivariate testing, split testing and provide website heat maps, session recordings, on-site surveys and more.

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Ckoud Computing

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  • Platform
  • IoS
  • A/B Testing
  • Software
  • Cloud Computing

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$200 million


San Francisco, California



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One word you’d use to describe Lusha: “Connect”

The Challenge

Vaibhav’s incumbent solution didn’t always have reliable contact data for prospects in his sales territories, APAC and Europe. Additionally, other competing enrichment and prospecting solutions push Vaibhav to use their platform, rather than supporting his preferred workflow – searching for leads in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

The Solution

Using Lusha, Vaibhav can work according to his preferred workflow, enriching contacts found in LinkedIn Sales Navigator with accurate data found on Lusha. Vaibhav saves time and is able to supplement his outreach and inbound lead generation efforts, and meet his sales targets.

Vaibhav is Responsible for Inbound and Outbound Lead Gen

 As a BDR for VWO, Vaibhav is responsible for both outbound and inbound lead generation, booking meetings with qualified leads, which can then be pushed through the funnel. Vaibhav chiefly speaks with Markers, Product Managers, UX Designers as well VPs of Marketing and CMOs from APAC and EU, all looking for ways to optimize their website’s conversion rates. 

When Vaibhav came to VWO, he had used Lusha at a previous company, and continues to use it in his tech stack.

“We have access to a number of tools but for prospect contact data from APAC and Europe, Lusha is more reliable. It’s our choice about which tools to use, and I choose Lusha.”

Lusha Enriches Contacts Found in Vaibhav’s Sales Navigator

What Vaibhav loves about Lusha, is his ability to support his native workflow and save time, while receiving results. Vaibhav starts his prospecting efforts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and in one click, enriches prospects he finds with Lusha’s accurate contact data.

“Other tools try to sell you their dashboard and to be honest, I just don’t really care about it. I don’t want another dashboard in my life. I want to keep my job simple and work my way.”

Lusha Provides Vaibhav with Accuracy Rates of Up to 80%

Vaibhav estimates that of the contacts he finds in Lusha, 60-80% of them have accurate contact data, which expedite his sales efforts.

As someone who performs both outbound and inbound sales – Lusha helps for every type of sales outreach.

Lusha Enriches Incomplete Lead Data Submitted Through VWO’s Site 

When leads arrive via the website, Vaibhav uses Lusha to complete any lead that might have missing or incomplete contact data – like a missing or incorrect phone number or email.

Want a tool that provides
up to 80% accuracy?

More Than Half of Vaibhav’s Day is Spent on Prospecting

When Vaibhav performs outbound prospecting – which accounts for 60% of his day, he uses Lusha to enrich his prospecting efforts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

“Ultimately, Lusha helps me save time that I can spend on prospecting, instead of searching for correct contact data. It also helps me save time, so I’m not flipping between platforms – and I can work according to my preferred workflow, in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.”

Another happy customer, thanks to Lusha.