Sales enablement blogs are all about bringing value to your sales team, prospects, and customers. It is critical to helping your sales team become absolute masters in their field. Good collateral will drive team success and traction.

But sales enablement still has a long way to go with over a quarter of sales pros saying their training is ineffective. While 84% claim they forget their training within the first three months on the job.  

Finding an affordable and suitable sales enablement training program for your team can be slim pickings. We reckon the best place to start is with killer content from seasoned experts who’ve transformed the way they sell and doubled, plus even tripled their revenue. So, to ease the process for you, we’ve rounded up the must-read blogs to ignite your sales enablement. 

15 Sales Enablement Blogs to Subscribe to Right Now

1. LinkedIn Sales Solution

Sales Enablement Blogs Linkedin

LinkedIn Sales Solution is a sales enablement blog that demonstrates how to sell virtually using Sales Navigator’s three products. If you’re struggling with outreach messages that don’t get a response, start by reading How to Optimize InMail Subject Lines for Higher Response Rates and invoke curiosity with lines like “I’m Confident We Can Solve Your Onboarding Woes in 75 Days, Susan”. 

2. Predictable Revenue

Predictable revenue teaches you how to find the right prospects, build outreach sequences, and systematically test results

Predictable Revenue is a coaching firm founded by Aaron Ross, whose “Cold Calling 2.0” framework helped Salesforce reach $100 million in revenue. Outbound sales development teams that read their blog will learn how to find the right prospects, build outreach sequences, and systematically test results to ensure aggressive growth.

For sales leaders, Mapping, Scoring, and Coaching Key Competencies in SDR and AE Roles will open your eyes to methods for gauging if a rep is competent in their tasks, scoring them, and pinpointing exactly what they need to improve.

3. The Lusha Blog

Sales enablement blog that provides value

Lusha shows you how to reach your ideal customer, whether that is through a cold call, cold email, social media, or marketing campaign. Our sales enablement blog covers how to increase cold call connection rates up to 15%, find someone’s email in 10 minutes, build trust in sales like an FBI agent, and find the best B2B sales technology.

There are also tips about using our email finder extension, Lusha Extension to locate anyone’s contact info, and about using the company info gathered from the extension as talking points in sales conversations.

4. Customer-Centric Selling

customer centric selling

Customer-Centric Selling is an extension of sales expert Frank Visgatis’s book of the same name and discusses how to build a repeatable sales process that scales. In this sales enablement blog, you can expect short, impactful tips that’ll take less than two minutes to read.

Teams will benefit from reading The Hurt and Rescue Approach, which explains how to discover threats to your prospects and explains why they can’t be overcome without your offer.

5. Heinz Marketing

Sales enablement blogs must resonate with salespeople

Heinz Marketing is a sales and marketing firm that aims to help clients build a predictable pipeline and immersive customer experience. They cover 70+ sales categories on their blog. Check out Sales Technology Makes for Lazy Salespeople, a cautionary tale about one company that lost a potential customer because of poorly automated emails. 

One automation tool that won’t fail you is Contacts API. Enrich any system, database, or app with accurate email addresses, phone numbers, and company data. Your CRM will get automatic updates when data changes so you can sell with better connection rates.

6. Highspot

Sales enablement blogs need

Highspot is both a sales enablement blog and software. The aim of their content is to assist customer-facing teams to deliver better, more personalized content. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Winning Sales Methodology will help companies with hundreds of sales reps pick a selling style (consultative, provocative, etc) that suits their organization and individual reps.

7. Sandler Training

Sandler Training is one of the best sales enablement blogs for salespeople

Sandler Training is a sales development firm for large multinational companies and SMB. They focus on training salespeople how to experiment with their selling techniques. In Consider the Context Before Using a Technique their trainers provide a wake-up call of one rep who lost $580,000 in opportunities because they didn’t understand the context behind a conversation with prospects. The rest of their content will help you understand contexts and learn to apply techniques correctly.

8. Jill Konrath

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Jill Konrath, renowned sales strategist and author of Agile Selling, creates a newsletter that’s read by 145,000 people. Konrath’s most popular post on her sales enablement blog, How to Ask for an Appointment in an Email Cold Call explains how to make recipients less defensive, give value without asking for anything in return, show you’ve done your research, and make them more open to connecting with you. 

9. HubSpot 

Top sales enablement blogs feature original research

HubSpot is a sales and marketing-focused CRM software company that also runs one of the best blogs featuring original research, data, and thought leadership. If you need a starting point, read 10 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies, which breaks down every tool you’ll need to sell remotely. 

Afterward, find your perfect prospecting tool by answering these four questions.

10. Seismic

Top sales enablement blogs provide in-depth insights

Seismic is software that delivers personalized messages to customers and focuses on building the right sales process. Top experts share their Three Top Enablement Tips. One tip is to prepare for a digital transformation when building a sales enablement team. Team leaders need to understand why certain tools are important and have the technical skills to run programs and analytics.

11. Ambition Sales Performance

A sales enablement blog focuses on best practices from industry leaders

Ambition is a performance management software that runs a sales enablement blog that focuses on best practices from diverse industry leaders and experts. If you want to know How to Build the Best Remote Sales Team, VP of Partner Success, Martijn Letteboer at explains how they coached a successful team of 1,200 across 11 locations in 9 countries. 


12. MindTickle

A good sales enablement blog hones sales skills

Mindtickle is a software and sales enablement blog that hones sales skills with games and challenges to close more deals. Sales Onboarding: Six Tips to Ramp Up Your Sales Reps and Accelerate Revenue offers a great reminder—hiring the right people will determine the success of your onboarding. If they are unqualified, they will not meet sales quotes, they’ll reach burn out quicker, and you’ll spend more time and money to refill that position. 

13. The Bridge Group

Sales coaches can learn if their team is competent with sales enablement blogs.

The Bridge Group is a consulting firm for SDRs, AEs, and customer service managers. What makes them different from other sales enablement blogs is that they focus strictly on sales models, metrics, and motions. Want to learn some startling news? New Data on How SDR to AE Promotion Has Slowed will be an eye-opener into why sales reps are not progressing in their career and how leaders should shift to coaching over managing to ensure positive results.

14. SalesFolk

A good sales enablement blog need to cover sales email marketing

SalesFolk is an email software company that discusses all things email marketing. They have an edgy, informal, tongue-in-cheek approach with their B2B writing that makes their content fun to read. On top of that, they’re not afraid to express contrarian views when it comes to copywriting. One author rants about receiving emails using her own template and how a lack of personalization causes her to reject them. They’re not afraid to call out bad sales emails (by company name) with ClearSide’s Latest Email is Murky. Here’s How to Fix It, where they give a brutal, no-holds-barred critique that can be very helpful for improving your own team’s communication style.

15. Challenger

Optimized scripts are crucial to sales enablement blog content

Challenger is a consulting firm whose sales enablement blog teaches salespeople how to take control of their conversations and how to challenge customers with unique insights and opinions about their problems and how their offer can solve them. Empathy: The Most Overused Customer Service Skill warns about overly-empathetic sales scripts and how they can begin to sound disingenuous. 

Sales Enablement Blogs Wrap Up

There’s always some new, hot, up-and-coming sales enablement blog that’s going to be labeled as a “must-read”. But the truth is, only you know what’s best for your team and organization. If you’re just getting started, find out if your sales reps are competent in their tasks, score them, and plan how to coach them.

If you’re further along, creating a specific program or a designated sales enablement team to scale maybe your next goal. There’s a blog on the list for everyone. No matter where you are in your journey, if you want your salespeople to achieve better results, you should start with the tools that are most needed. Like Lusha Extension, a simple and effective sales enablement tool that helps you optimize your cold call connection rates and send emails with lower bounce rates.


How to choose the right sales enablement blog 

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