How do salespeople get noticed in a crowded room? 

That question comes up often when figuring out how to generate B2B leads. For 42.1% of B2B professionals, finding the right strategy, tactic or offer to get leads’ attention is the ultimate challenge, according to Rain Sales Training. Wanna know how to generate leads and make a big wave? Read our 20 methods below.  

 20 Ways to Generate Leads for B2B Sales with Attention-Grabbing Tactics

1) Retrace your steps with old leads

You probably have tens of thousands of old leads sitting in your CRM. If you’ve been regularly clearing out unqualified leads, these should be leads who weren’t ready to buy before. Now’s the time to re-engage them. 

Retrace your steps and find any mishandling with old leads. Maybe you didn’t follow up enough or pitched the wrong package; to grab their attention, give them a special offer to come back. 

2) Ask customers for referrals

Referrals sent by happy, loyal customers are the most likely to convert into sales. Learning how to generate leads for B2B sales from your customers’ networks takes time and trust. You want to slowly build relationships with them until you’re comfortable asking directly for a referral or having them sign up for a referral program. Aim to ask for referrals each week, and to stand out from other reps, ask the referrer for a personal introduction or if it’s okay to mention their name in a call or email.

3) Work with B2B micro-influencers

A micro-influencer is a respected expert in your industry with a loyal following of 1,000-100,000 people. What sets smaller influencers apart from bigger names is the higher conversion rate they enjoy with their audiences. To generate leads with them, just ask if they’re willing to promote your product or service. Of course, make sure your offer fits their current projects and brand, and offer them kickback on every sale. Compensating micro-influencers will instantly set you apart from the hoard of brands who ask for free promotion.

4) Join or build a business referral network

A business referral network is a group of professionals in non-competing businesses in the same industry who share leads. Say you sell mobile app development services to educational institutions; join or build a network of other businesses who sell to schools. The best part is you benefit from their lead scoring information and other insights that may be unavailable to you. 

5) Run your own online community

What draws B2B professionals to online communities?

  • High-value professionals are in the group
  • You provide resources to make their job easier
  • The group is active daily

Creating your own online community means you can control the conversations, attract the right people, and freely pitch your services. 

6) Update your ideal customer profile 

The more you learn how to generate B2B leads, the more you’ll see how useful a B2B lead enrichment tool like Lusha Extension can be for updating your ICP. It’s a multi-browser extension that finds contact and company information when you’re in Gmail, on Salesforce, LinkedIn, and more. Each time you use Lusha Extension, you’ll discover new data about your leads to improve their ICP, like industry verticals and company revenue range. This, in turn, helps you catch new attributes you didn’t see before and fine-tune your prospecting.

7) Be everywhere your leads are

Generating leads takes a degree of eavesdropping and spying. It’s just like going to a party—you want to know who else will be there so you know how to dress and fit in. If you want to know how to generate leads for B2B sales, be everywhere your leads are hanging out online. 

This way, you can study how your leads communicate on different channels and in different situations, which will only help you send outreach messages and get noticed more.

8) Dominate ONE social media platform

How to generate B2B leads the right way? Don’t spread yourself thin across too many channels. You’ll always find one goldmine platform that brings a bounty of leads into your pipeline, so aim to dominate on that platform. Carve out time every day to spend there (individually or as a team), making a name for yourself, building brand recognition and a high engagement level over the competition. 

9) Get in front of the camera already!

By now, you know video content gets more views, engagement and shares than other formats. Yet, so many salespeople don’t take the time to get on camera. If a prospect gets hundreds of sales emails but you’re able get seen in a video on social media, who will stand out? If you’re wondering where to start, try Q&A videos that answer some of your leads’ #1 questions.

How do you generate B2B leads? Write SEO content for your website or get backlinks on other publications.

10) Get backlinks to your website

SEO is one of your most powerful tools for generating leads, and one of the best ways to skyrocket your SEO is to get more backlinks to your website. Backlinks not only help push your site to the top of search engines, they increase your organic traffic and help bring in more inbound leads. Build relationships with editors and pitch three article ideas for their publication.

11) Go on a business podcast 

Podcast guests can choose shows from all over the world to speak on. The average listener tunes in 7 hours per week, and brands that advertise their products and services on business podcasts enjoy an average 14% rise in purchase intent, says MusicOomph. Make a list of the top 30 podcasts in your industry, start building relationships with the hosts, and most importantly, offer a special discount to their audience as an incentive to bring in more listeners.

12) Perfect your sales cadence

If you want to learn how to generate leads for B2B sales, you need to perfect your sales cadence. The perfect cadence masters timing, how many messages you send, and how you send them to close an appointment or deal. To design your sales cadence, ask three questions to leads:

  • “What time can I contact you?”
  • “Which channel do you prefer?”
  • “What subject line will stick out to you?”


13) Be direct in cold emails

When leads open your email, they should stop dead in their tracks. The email should introduce you and your company in one sentence, then immediately get to the heart of the email—them. Rambling about why your company is great and what you had for breakfast this morning will have them hitting the delete button in seconds. Focus on one relevant issue in your sales pitch. Also, add an email signature with a clear headshot to make it memorable!

14) Try competitive cold calling

Cold-calling competitions are a thing, in case you didn’t know. They juice up the typical mundane morning cold-calling session by turning it into a game. Here’s how it works: get the sales team together and try to beat your cold calling numbers. You can split up into groups and offer a prize. Cold-calling competitions can double or even triple your usual haul of leads and scheduled appointments. 

15) Nail your follow-up voicemails

Half of all cold calls will go straight to voicemail. If you want to know how to generate leads for B2B sales, don’t dial a cold call without a voicemail script ready. This is too important to wing. 

Prepare a 30-second script that references who you are and what you’re offering. A response-worthy voicemail ends with a question and call to action, such as “Is this a problem you’re dealing with?Call me back and let me know.”

16) Host a webinar or workshop series

B2B professionals love webinars, but they’re constantly bombarded with ads and emails for one-off webinars and workshops. A weekly series is more labor-intensive, but can add millions of dollars to your pipeline if done correctly. There are multiple advantages to doing a series: you can nurture them week after week, and you can plan your topics to go into more advanced lessons and solve bigger problems to build excitement. 

The team should decide how to generate B2B leads while promoting their values.

17) Get a little controversial

Many big brands are known because they take a big stand on issues. Climate change, bullying, diversity, you name it! If you find out your company supports any social causes, you can weave that into your content and offer. 86% of consumers believe that companies should take a stand on social issues, according to Shelton Group. This strategy might push some leads away, but your courage to speak up will draw more attention to your campaigns. 

18) Master LinkedIn prospecting

It’s safe to say there’s no way to generate B2B sales leads without LinkedIn. But many reps on the platform haven’t explored all of its possibilities. LinkedIn takes dedication to learn, which is why you should take their Sales Navigator course to supercharge your lead generation efforts. 

Most importantly, use Lusha Extension when you’re prospecting on LinkedIn. You’ll gain access to your leads’ current business email addresses (sometimes multiple emails if they have more than one job), phone number, and job role among other data that’s not easily accessible through LinkedIn. 

19) Get on Twitter

According to Twitter, 93% of users are planning to buy something from a small- or medium-sized business they follow. The platform often has a relaxed and casual vibe, so it’s not the place for a hard pitch, but a place to start and contribute to work-related discussions and strengthen your relationships. Our tip: create a branded business account, follow your leads, and join in on trending, relevant topics. 

20) Answer questions thoughtfully on Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer platform with over 100 million users. Quora answers can commonly be found on the first page of Google search results. The secret to turning Quora into a lead-generation machine is to thoroughly answer relevant questions your leads are looking for and give a link back to your website. Really show your expertise, mention your product or service, and include expert quotes to get more thumbs up and views to your page.

Key Takeaways

  • Work on your approach: Always consider what everyone else is doing, and do something special to stand out.


  • Generating leads requires variety: B2B professionals are everywhere online. Some places they like to talk business, while others they prefer casual convos. Be there and get noticed.


  • You need a B2B lead enrichment tool: You can’t learn how to generate B2B leads without first knowing everything about them, can you? That’s why Lusha Extension gives you your best shot at getting accurate and hard-to-find company information that’ll help you improve your ideal customer profile. Get started with Lusha Extension.

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